Far From An All Time Low

The Human Condition , the sophomore album by up-and-coming artist Jon Bellion is making a huge splash in the music industry and topping charts worldwide. After his now Platinum Hit “All Time Low” hit the radio, fans could not seem to get enough of his catchy beats, goosebump-causing high notes, and beatbox skills. Bellion quickly made a name for himself on Spotify, becoming 104th in the world with roughly 9.2 million monthly listeners. He had more songs featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist that any other artist in 2016. In addition, Bellion earned an RIAA 1x Platinum Award for “All Time Low” after 20 straight weeks of upward climb on Billboard Hot 100’s Top 20.

After being released in June of 2016, The Human Condition’s success is yet to slow down. Tracks featured on the album such as “80’s Films”, “Guillotine”, and “Fashion” have appeared on many popular Spotify playlists. Unlike many other artists, Bellion writes and produces his own music. Although he’s the star of the show, the success of his music is also owed to the collaboration featured on both of his albums. In fact, the only features on his debut album, “The Definition” are his friends from college. The collabs appear on three tracks of “The Definition”; “Pre-Occupied,” “Ooh,” and “Luxury.”

Charlottesville got a closer look at Bellion on Jan. 22, when he joined Twenty One Pilots’ Emotional Roadshow at John Paul Jones Arena. “It was such a great show. Jon Bellion is an awesome performer, and sounded incredible live,” said Delaney Reed ‘19. As of now, there is no word on when his next project will be released, but one thing is for sure, his career has just started.