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The Fluco Beat

Image courtesy of Hunter Perkins.

The World Pilot

Hunter Perkins, Journalist May 20, 2024

Eliza sits in the back of the room, her face buried in her laptop. Everyone around her yells back and forth as if no one else was listening. Of course, it’s hard not to listen when they talk at the volume...

Image courtesy of Hunter Perkins.

The Human Race

Hunter Perkins, Journalist May 16, 2024

Miles crouches just behind the starting line. The rough texture of polyurethane grinds against his hands as he tenses up. He yawns.  “On your marks!” the starter shouts. Miles shifts his position...

Photo courtesy of FCHS Photography students.


Hunter Perkins, Journalist May 13, 2024

I open my eyes and look around to the best of my ability. Sunlight flashes down on my face from between the leaves above my head. It doesn’t take me long to notice that I can’t feel its warmth. I look...

What is Your Story?

What is Your Story?

Riley Foltz, Creative Writing Student May 9, 2024

    This rhyming poem was created by Riley Foltz in Elizabeth Pellicane's 1st Block Creative Writing class.    Rhyming is fun  More than one Spacing each line Your...

Artwork by Addison Shelley

The Lonesome Poltergeist

Hunter Perkins, Journalist May 4, 2024

Edward lies on the couch, staring blankly at the TV across the room. As wealthy as they are, it’s a rarity for the Constantine family to waste electricity. They spend every last penny sparingly. Edward...

Double exposure by Jasper Marsh

The Upside-Down, Backward, Wild, Crazy Day of Dale Faar

Christian Johnson, Creative Writing Student April 29, 2024

“Walking to work, walking to work, man, I love walking to work,” Dale hums. As he strolls down the street he sees the same people he saw yesterday. He picks up the same coffee order and he wears the...

Artwork by Autumn Noyes


Sabrina Bowes, Creative Writing Student April 24, 2024

“This can’t be happening.” Grey Alcivitz was currently locked in a small cell next to her most annoying rival, Erik Zaathen. It was less than ideal. How did she get here?     Four...

Mary Bloody

Mary Bloody

Rachael Broxon, Creative Writing Student April 19, 2024

I slam the door closed and turn to look at my friends, Constance and Sarah. "Maybe jokingly summoning Bloody Mary wasn't the best idea," I mutter. "Is she in there?" Sarah tries to open the door, but...

Artwork by Carolyn Spense

Let Go and Float Away

Skyler Breeden, Creative Writing Student April 17, 2024

This is a concrete poem created in Elizabeth Pellicane's 1st block Creative Writing class.                                                                    ...

Artwork created by Fluco Journalism using Bing Image Creator.

The Swarm

Rachael Broxon, Creative Writing Student April 14, 2024

My eyes sting from the ash, but I can't look away from the wrecked plane. I watch a small flame eat away at the fabric of the captain's seat. I don't look at the captain's body.  I was on my way home...

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