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  • September 26Four FCHS Culinary students placed first at Virginia State Fair Baking Competition Sept. 26.
  • September 1234 weeks until Graduation
  • September 12If a student has an elevator fob and no longer needs it, please return it to the front office.
  • September 9Senior superlative voting ends Sept. 21. Check your email to vote.
  • September 1Early dismissals requires a parent note to the attendance office before 10am.
  • September 1Study Hall meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45 to 5 pm.
On The Edge

On The Edge

Anderson Miller, Creative Writing Student September 20, 2022

Sitting on the edge of a bar Wondering how long it will hold I look down at the city from above The emptiness makes me cold I think of the memories The good and the bad I think of my life with you Of...

Out of Time

Out of Time

Adyn Martin, Creative Writing Student September 9, 2022

The tick of time It can be a friend But for some It is the bitter end The clock never stops Not even for death It will always tick Until your last breath The sound is soothing for...

The cover of the 2022 Undefined FCHS Literary Magazine.

2022 “Undefined” Literary Magazine Premieres

FCHS Journalism Staff May 12, 2022

The FCHS Literary Club, which is celebrating its 19th year, published its 2022 Undefined magazine on May 13. The magazine showcases the artwork, poetry, and prose of students at the high school. The 2021...



Brooke Smith, Journalist April 22, 2022

Waves, pushing and pulling          Sand, shells, and creatures                             Back and forth                                     Back...

The Devil Child 

The Devil Child 

Matthew Pappaconstantinou, Creative Writing Student April 13, 2022

Why did this have to happen to me? I’m already stressed enough and now I have a child in a box. I put my hand over my head and let out a long sigh. I look over at the sleeping child. She appears to be...

Photo by Brenna Kidd-Bania

The Gluttony of Love

Bridget Kirchner, Creative Writing Student March 23, 2022

Love is a box of chocolates Giving away one piece to anyone The surface being oh so delicious A perfect snack to feast on Love is not just one layer Mounds of gush and a variety of flavors All hide...

Photo courtesy of Evelyn DeMers

Poetry is like a splash of art

Reese Deane March 16, 2022

Poetry is like a splash of art. The words jump off the page. Turn into something beautiful. Words run off the page into a fountain of colors. The paint folds into different words. The words are addicting,...

Artwork by Breelyn Boucher 25

True Life

Diana Graham, Creative Writing Student March 11, 2022

It was raining that day, and we were all dressed in a gothic manner, huddled around a gravestone. This gravestone however, wasn’t just any gravestone. It was my little brother Alex’s gravestone. My...

Artwork Courtesy of Tyler DeGregory

The Act

Danielle Scott, Contributor February 25, 2022

Can you not crack...the act? Can you not see...the real me? I hide the denial. I have peers always around stop the neverending tears. It's getting hard to pretend...that these thoughts...

The church near Simeon Market on Route 53, Albemarle County.

My Church

Haliey Leake February 18, 2022

As I sit here in this old wooden pew I find myself remembering all the special memories that God gave me in this church. A little girl full of love and joy found a shelter of safety and abounding love...

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