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The Greatest Weapon

The Greatest Weapon

Tomas Cruz Vega, Creative Writing Student January 31, 2023

Love is a weapon. Ever piercing in the heart. Love gives strength yet weakens. Wield it wisely and you shall prosper. Prosper for love empowers more than any symbol, Shields more than any barrier, And...

Heart of Freezing Fire

Heart of Freezing Fire

Katie Dunn, Creative Writing Student January 18, 2023

Heart of freezing fire it is dark and desolate, a harsh, lonely life, until she comes. she is kind and bright, lighting the world in her delicate glow. but he keeps his head low, turning from her...

Thanks for the Lies

Thanks for the Lies

Victoria ScottoDiVetta January 9, 2023

There you are laughing and smiling If only you knew right now I feel like I’m dying I’m putting on a show So nobody will know The dark feelings that I try to hide And how I really feel on the...

An abandoned building

The Time Of My Life

Madeline Hamel, Creative Writing Student December 9, 2022

Last Week  “Come on! It’ll be fun,” my best friend Jessica pleaded.  “It’s a bad idea,” I replied in an annoyed tone. She’d been begging me to come to her party for weeks, and normally...

A viewpoint from a rock looking down at a forest.

Let Go

Katie Dunn, Creative Writing Student December 5, 2022

Hugo held onto the jagged cliff edge. The rock stabbed into his hands like hundreds of tiny needles, sending sharp pains through his palms. Still, he did not let go. From the bottom, hidden by the dark...

A person feeling stressed.

You Messed Up

Victoria ScottoDiVetta, Creative Writing Student November 29, 2022

I threw punches onto the hard, brick wall of the school as a river of tears left my eyes. I messed up, and now I've lost her forever. She broke up with me all because I’m an idiot. I just cheated on...

A sad woman.

Tears Like Rain

Victoria ScottoDiVetta, Creative Writing Student November 9, 2022

You said you loved me and made me believe But you didn’t mean it; I only believed you because I was naive Everything you said to me was a lie And even when I was right, you would deny For a week...

A rainy outside picture.

The Simulation

Morgan Donnelly, Creative Writing Student October 31, 2022

Walking through the dark, creepy alleyways, I start to feel like I'm slowly getting swallowed up by the darkness behind me. My shaking body is filled with paranoia from what is yet to come, and I wonder...

A look into another world.

Experimental Site 180

Madeline Hamel, Creative Writing Student October 24, 2022

I remember the day I was told that I had been specially selected for this expedition. I had partially expected the invitation because I was one of the company’s best scientists, and I’d been studying...

Phone screen lighting up in the dark.

Late Night Conversations

Brie Ashnafi, Journalist October 4, 2022

                                                     She’s                                            Always                    ...

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