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Megan Drumheller
Just a few of the brightly-colored Stanley Quenchers cup options. Photo courtesy of Megan Drumheller.

Stanley Conflicts

Are Stanley cups worth the hype? Considering one woman in California recently stole 65 Stanley cups, these insulated mugs may be worth getting arrested over. A limited edition, rose-hued Valentine’s Day version attracted so much attention at some Target stores when it debuted in December that people lined up for hours to buy one.

While they’ve actually been around since 1913, Stanley cups have clearly enjoyed a burst in popularity. The introduction of the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler particularly made waves, sending consumers to the store or online to pick up one or more tumblers, which come in a variety of colors.

But does the cup–or should it–live up to the hype?

Fans point out the reusable cup is a great way to stop the use of single-use plastic bottles. In addition, Stanley cups are insulated very well, which allows users to keep drinks cold or hot for hours, and they come in different looks and designs.

“I like my cup because it is one of my favorite colors, and I drink more water because I actually enjoy the cup,” said FCHS sophomore Molly Cook.

Others have purchased bottles to be part of a trend. “I only got the cup because all of the hype,” said junior Hailey English.

Not everyone is a fan. Some FCHS students say they despise the Stanley and would prefer a different cup, like a Yeti. The price is also a major issue, with the cost of the Quencher Tumbler ranging from $35-$45.

“The biggest con I can think of is the price,” said senior Josh Harris.

Still, others love the cup’s durability, sharing stories of incidents that prove its worth. Social media influencer Danielle Lettering,posted a video in November of her apparently undamaged Stanley cup sitting in a burnt-out car husk. The caption of the video stated that there was still ice in the cup, despite the fire. This video quickly gained popularity with comments calling on Stanley to send Lettering a new cup. It even reached the president of the Stanley company, Terence Reilly, who bought her a new car.

Even though the cups appear to be resistant to disaster, the cup’s difficulty to clean is a major issue for some users. There are several pieces to the top that can get moldy if not cleaned properly, and it can be difficult to clean them properly and put them pieces back in the proper place. Others argue that this is easy fix, as the Stanley cup is dishwasher safe, so the pieces can be separated before being thrown into the dishwasher.

Like many popular things, the Stanley cup risks being outshined by another water bottle when the trend runs its course.

“Everyone has [Stanley cups]; it’s probably going to end like the Hydro Flask in a year or two. Nobody is going to care about them anymore,” said FCHS sophomore Danielle Scott.

“Honestly,” admitted Cook, “I would have never bought it for myself, simply because of the price. The only reason I have one is because I got it as a gift.”

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