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  • FCHS senior Sage Gibson shows off her long layers at Bristles Salon in Charlottesville. Photo courtesy of Sage Gibson.

  • Examples of long layers on red hair. Photo courtesy of Bristles salon.

  • FCHS junior Zoey Soares shows off her soft-blunt bob. Photo courtesy of Zoey Soares.

  • Cool brunette hair coloring. Photo courtesy of Moxie Salon.

  • An example of low contrast roots. Photo courtesy of Bristles Salon.

  • An FCHS student shows off their red hair. Photo courtesy of Sage Gibson.

  • An example of curtain bangs. Photo courtesy of Miranda Anderson.

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Seven Hair Trends for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and with the advent of a new season means new trends, especially in makeup, clothing, and hair. Each season has its color palettes, styles, and aesthetics, and spring is no exception. Here are seven hair trends this spring.

1. Dark Red

Dark red is a fierce look for people with darker hair. Tones of purple and reddish brown create this wine-colored look. Allure Newsletter describes the color as “cherry cola, the perfect unique twist on a classic flavor — not red, but deep brunette with a mahogany-purple tinge.”

The downside to this color is you have to get it touched up often.

“I get my hair touched up once a month because it fades quickly. I love red. It is worth all the maintenance,” said FCHS junior Karly Miller.

2. Soft-Blunt Bob

A soft-blunt bob is a gentle blunt cut, not stiff and straight across. Glamour Newsletter notes, “Instead of slicing the bottom edge dead straight, it’s less harsh and has a slightly more worn-in, gentle baseline.”

This style of bob adds texture to the hair, allowing more styling options. Ways to style this include flipping the ends with rollers or curling iron, leaving it naturally wavy or curly, and adding a soft curl.

“My favorite thing about having short hair is how low maintenance it is. My favorite way to style it is to use a hair straightener to create waves and curls,” said FCHS junior Zoey Soares.

3. Cool Brunette

The cool brunette style adds ashy gray tones to dark hair. It adds brightness to the hair while keeping the darkness of the brunette. Some hair stylists call this look a mushroom brown because it adds beige colors like a portobello mushroom. If you want to get this style, the Southern Living Newsletter suggests that you “ask for all-over baby lighting and balayage in very ashy cool tones.”

4. Long Layers

Long layers are a part of the 90s-inspired look. They can add volume and body to hair without being too heavy. Layers look best when styled in a blowout or curling, as straight hair will not allow the layers to show. Shorter layers are closer to the root of the hair making the top of the head lighter and adding height. Long layers are more popular today because of social media and influencers getting this haircut.

“I wanted my hair to be shaped and not all one length. I wanted to snazzy it up without overdoing it,” said Fluvanna resident Leilani Jackson.

5. Blonde

For blondes who want to be healthier and take a break from bleaching, going “bronde” is a great way to wean yourself off. Bronde, a combination of blonde and brunette hair, is perfect if you are not ready to give up the blonde but want some darkness. It adds lowlights and pulls your natural color through the hair, yet leaves blonde tones to add lightness.

“When I am blonde, I feel more confident and it makes me look tan. My hair is damaged from becoming a brunette, surprisingly. Hence, the in-between color is better to maintain,” says sophomore River McMillian.

Going bronde will save money and your hair, with no more coloring your roots every three months. It ensures that you are not damaging your hair from constant bleaching or coloring, and helps keep your hair healthy.

6. Low Contrast Roots

Low-contrast roots or shadow roots are a root smudge process. It blends the root color with the rest of your hair by covering the highlighted pieces with a darker color. It leaves a seamless blend onto the hair rather than a harsh line that makes you want to visit the salon. It is a lived-in look where the hair has grown out but still blends. Instyle Newsletter says “Shadow roots can be a low-maintenance option, as they allow for longer periods between touch-ups.”

7. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs for round face shapes are the best to define the cheekbones. Generally, curtain bangs have always been a hit for anyone. Normal bangs are straight in the middle of the forehead, slimming the face down. Curtain bangs are side-swept and framing the face, to accentuate the high points of the face. Styling curtain bangs are made with a blowdryer and round brush to blow them into a swoop. Curling them with a curling iron or straightening iron can work by flicking the ends out.

“I style my curtain bangs by wetting them with water then blow drying with a round hair brush,” says a member of the Fluvanna community Miranda Anderson.

Salons in Charlottesville where you can achieve one of these hair trends include Moxie Hair Lounge (Preston Avenue), Bristles (Rio Road), Color Factory (Market Road), and Spice Salon (Route 29).

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