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  • May 22FCHS EMT students helped collect 43 pints of blood on May 21
  • May 22Jazzlyn Butler, Will Davis, Rory Dyke, Yeidi Lopez, Destiny Morris, Destiny Reynolds, and Hannah Sprouse achieved CNA certification
  • May 15Brenna Rea and Brandon Watkins earned their EMT Certification
  • May 15Junior Kessler Potter has been named a National Merit Scholar
  • May 82023 yearbooks can still be pre-ordered $85 at
The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Making the Most of Summer in Virginia

Journee Johnson, FCHS Journalist May 19, 2023

Are you ready for summer? No school, hardly any responsibilities, and plenty of daylight. But what if you have no plans to embrace the summer experience? You’re excited for summer, yet you have no idea...

Photo courtesy of FCHS Journalism.

How to Find the Best Drugstore Makeup

Aniya Washington, Journalist May 15, 2023

Starting to wear makeupcan be considered to be a milestone in many teenagers' lives. Whether it's putting on mascara and lip gloss, or experimenting with different eyeshadows, wearing makeup has become...

Metropolitan Museum

Fantastic Fashion Rules at the Met Gala

Sage Gibson, Journalist May 8, 2023

Fantastical fashion was the name of the day when the 2023 Met Gala was held on May 1 with the theme Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty. Lagerfeld was a German fashion designer who passed away in 2019, and...

Cant Sleep? Heres Some Tips

Can’t Sleep? Here’s Some Tips

Isabella Higginbotham, Journalist April 28, 2023

Sleep is a crucial part of life that's needed to keep your brain functioning and your body healthy. Sleep, or lack of sleep, can affect every part of your body because it affects how your brain communicates...

What You Need to Know About Caffeine

What You Need to Know About Caffeine

Beck Martin, Journalist April 13, 2023

Coffee, energy drinks, and soda are all incredibly popular drinks today, so much so that it seems like few teens don’t drink them, at least some of the time. But what do all these drinks have in common?...

Five Tips for Getting College Scholarships

Five Tips for Getting College Scholarships

Isabella Higginbotham, Journalist April 11, 2023

Applying for scholarships can be stressful because they symbolize college and the difficult process of paying for it. At the same time, if you can get someone else to pay for your education, why not try?...

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Defeating the Procrastination Monster

Journee Johnson, FCHS Journalist April 10, 2023

With the school year coming to an end in less than three months, students at FCHS need to complete work efficiently to maintain good grades and pass classes. For some, that’s easier said than done, as...

Members of the Fishing Club getting ready to compete.

Fishing Club Casts a Wide Net

Matthew Gresham, Journalist April 5, 2023

When you’re by a river casting your line into the water, you may not think of yourself as participating in a sport. Yet fishing is a growing high school and college sport here in Virginia, so much so...

Person studying for exams.

AP Exam Season: How to Succeed

Beck Martin, Journalist April 1, 2023

It’s almost AP exam season, so in less than two months students all over the United States and Canada will be taking their Advanced Placement tests. What are AP exams? AP, or Advanced Placement, courses...

A finger stick helps patients with diabetes take control of their blood sugar levels. Photo Courtesy of Darryl Leja, NHGRI under Creative Commons

FCHS Welcomes Type 1 Diabetes Club

Molly Pace, Senior editor March 27, 2023

With as many as one in five teens suffering from prediabetes in the United States, it was timely for FCHS to welcome a Type 1 Diabetes Club in the 2023 school year. According to the Centers for Disease...

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