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Lit Mag Goes Digital


FCHS Journalism

May 19, 2020

Continuing the seemingly endless push toward the publishing of content online, the 2020 FCHS Literary Magazine is being published exclusively online for the first time. After 16 years of being published in a print form thanks to yearly grants from the Fluvanna Education Foundation, Literary Magazine...

How Modders Affect the Lifespan of Video Games

A game modder hard at work.

Josh Akers, Contributor

April 14, 2020

Many legendary video game titles over the years have remained continuously popular over the years in spite of their game engines and gameplay being incredibly outdated or fossil-like. That Bethesda Softworks’ infamous, 26-year-old Elder Scrolls series has retained its large and supportive playerba...

Life in the Age of Coronavirus

Life in the Age of Coronavirus

MacKenzie Tillman, FCHS Journalist

March 17, 2020

In the late 1340’s, beginning in China, a widespread disease known as the Bubonic Plague swept the nation and spread to Europe. Also known as the Black Death, it reduced the population significantly, with an estimated 75-200 million deaths.  Nearly 700 years later, in the fall of 2019, a new virus emerged...

Flucos Wear Jeans for a Cause

Flucos Wear Jeans for a Cause

Aiden Matula, FCHS Journalist

March 5, 2020

Cancer is a terrible disease that not only affects patients, but their families as well.  When one of your own is going through cancer, the challenges become real. That is when the support of friends and community can make a difference.   One of Fluvanna’s own, senior Kamron Goldsmith, is dealing wit...

Top 5 Sites & Apps for the Beginning Writer

Top 5 Sites & Apps for the Beginning Writer

Joshua Akers, FCHS Journalist

February 27, 2020

A lot of the time, struggling writers will sit with their eyes glaring over the bright screen of their computers while being unable to put their thoughts or ideas into words. Even if that’s not the case, they may think many of their ideas are unoriginal or boring. Being a writer can be hard, even if y...

Sweet, Sweet Tea

Sweet, Sweet Tea

Aiden Matula, FCHS Journalist

February 21, 2020

Sweet tea has become a kind of sensation at FCHS since the Culinary students have begun to prepare and sell it to students.  The tea has students flocking to the carts by the elevators where it is sold between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd block classes. The Culinary students prepare the tea and stock the cart duri...

And the Crown Goes to…

And the Crown Goes to...

Maddy Eubank, Fluco Beat Editor

February 19, 2020

While you may be familiar with the Miss Fluvanna pageant, the annual beauty pageant open to all the teenage girls in Fluvanna County, this year, the students of Fluvanna County High School are being introduced to something a little different.  The BETA Club is putting together a pageant for the boys of FCHS...

The End Of Arrow, Part 2

The End Of Arrow, Part 2

John Bernat, Fluco Beat Editor

February 12, 2020

Well, it finally happened. After eight seasons, Arrow has finally come to an end in one of its best seasons yet. While the show’s themes have changed multiple times throughout its run, season eight of Arrow manages to pay tribute to all of them.  Except for one. Due to licensing issues, main chara...

Graduation Consternation

Graduation Consternation

Evynne Stafford, FCHS Journalist

February 6, 2020

Some things in life seem fixed, like Tax Day, Christmas, and Halloween. FCHS Graduation Day seemed one of those standard dates as well, always falling on the Saturday before Memorial Day. Until now. For perhaps the first time in FCHS history, FCHS’ graduation will be held on a Friday-- specifical...

Out to Lunch

Sophomore Alexa Divers at lunch

Mia Martinez, FCHS Journalist

January 31, 2020

Students began the 2020 school year with welcome news--namely, that students would now have 30 minutes to eat lunch, broken up into three longer lunch periods, compared to four shorter lunches. Yet while the longer lunches may have been a hit with students, the enjoyment was not to last.  This seme...

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