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Molly Cook
Abigail Taylor ’25, shows off her slickback and chunky gold hoops

Clean Girl Aesthetic – In or Out?

In the world of TikTok and Instagram, fashion trends are dominated by aesthetics. Popular aesthetics in the 2020s have included Y2K, cottagecore, quiet luxury, and the VSCO girl aesthetic. Each of these trends is characterized by a few key traits, some of which include maximalism. Yet one aesthetic popularized by TikTok in 2022 stands out from all the others.

The clean girl aesthetic is popular because it appears to be a simple, minimalist look that emphasizes effortlessness and health. However, some say that, after almost two years, the “clean girl” aesthetic is coming to an end.

The clean girl aesthetic is not all about perfect hair and a simple look. This aesthetic is simplified and effortless, yet well-thoughtout in order to be properly executed. Clothes, makeup, hair, accessories, lifestyle, and skincare are all crucial factors to achieve this look.

Clothes and accessories for this aesthetic can fall into the same category. Low-rise baggy boyfriend jeans, simple, tight tank tops, and short sleeve t-shirts are the go-to pieces for an outfit when hoping to achieve the look of the clean girl aesthetic. Gold jewelry, specifically chunky gold hoops, delicate chains, and thin bangles, tie together outfits.

Slicked-back hair is the go-to when being a “clean girl.” It’s a simple and effortless hairstyle that can be whipped up in a couple of minutes.

“It’s a good way to hide all the grease and I love it,” said junior Abigail Taylor.

If you choose to go out with your hair down, the clean girl look requires it to almost always look glassy and smooth.

Clean girls enthusiasts tend to show off their healthy lifestyles. Staying hydrated helps keep their skin glowing and clear. Switching out a morning coffee for a matcha latte, and drinking green juice and smoothies shows the constant efforts to appear clean and healthy. Going on walks and participating in exercise classes, like pilates and yoga, is another key factor in this aesthetic.

Makeup is what ties together everything for many “clean girls.” An overly-made-up face is detrimental to being a clean girl. Clear, glowing skin, a hint of blush, and glossy lips is how you achieve the minimal, sophisticated look. Putting on makeup to make you look like you don’t have any on is how you know you did something right.

At the end of 2021, the clean girl TikTok trend had had over two billion views from people across the world. Now, however, people are starting to wonder if the aesthetic is coming to an end. However, many FCHS students believe the trend is still just as prevalent as it was in its peak at the end of 2023.

“It’s definitely in, because everyone does it and it has many classy elements to it,” said Taylor. Eighth grader Mallory Jones agrees. “I think it’s very in, especially because of social media,” she said.

Even though some news articles claim the aesthetic is out, many think that this is one trend that will always be in, even if only by accident.

“TikTok finds a new trend every month, but [to] me personally, clean is not a trend. I don’t know about y’all, but dirty is not an option,” said sophomore River McMillian.

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