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The Quest for the Perfect Graduation Dress

The final moments of high school celebrate an accomplishment of academic excellence. Graduation is the capstone of high school, with everything you’ve worked hard for and achieved summed up in a diploma.

The outfit you wear to graduation is the last outfit you will ever wear in high school. It may seem crazy, but it is reality. It is important yet challenging to create the perfect graduation experience that you will see in pictures and videos for decades to come. Finding that perfect dress to wear as you walk the stage may seem hard, but here are a few simple tips.

Generally, graduation dresses are white or cream, depending on your cap and gown color. Other gowns can complement other colors like black or a vibrant color, however FCHS’s navy gowns lend themselves well to white, cream, blue, or yellow dresses. White is a classy, timeless color for the occasion that is a popular option.

Everyone has a different taste in graduation dresses. Some people prefer plain dresses, and some prefer something that has an accent or design. Those who want a simple dress seem to find dresses easier and time efficient because there are many plain dresses currently out there. Dress stores that carry many simple options include Lulu’s, Nordstrom, and Amazon.

“I just want a simple, strapless dress that is white. I don’t need anything fancy because of the gown going over it,” said FCHS senior Kaity Cortez.

Students who want something fun and exciting may have a tough time finding that perfect dress. However, stores that offer unique dress options include ASOS, Altar’d State, and Oh Polly.

“I want a dress with pizazz,” said senior Taylor Webber. “I want something with pretty embellishments or design. So far, I found a dress with fake flowers on the straps and silk material.”

Graduation dresses don’t have to be expensive; they can range from any casual dress you borrowed from a family member or found at a thrift store, to a dress you purchased at a fancy boutique. Whatever looks best to you is the perfect option for you.

If you order online, make sure you order months in advance. That way, if the dress shows up late or is not what you expected, you have enough time to return it and find something else.

“I ordered a dress at the beginning of April, and it was way too short and see-through. I returned it and now I am looking for a dress. [But] I still have a month to figure it out,” said FCHS senior Alivia Gibson in April.

It is always important to dress for the weather, and with the FCHS graduation ceremony being May 24 that can be hard to plan for. If your graduation date is forecast to be 80-90 degrees, then a short-sleeved or no-sleeve dress with a shorter skirt is best so you’re not sweating too much under those dark graduation robes. If the date is forecasted to be 60-70 degrees, a long dress or midi dress will work. So you may want to have a back up dress, depending on the forecast.

After you get the dress, test the dress out to see if it is comfortable. At graduation, you will sit for hours, and it gets awkward to keep pulling the dress down. It is also awkward if the neckline is sitting too low on you, and you have to keep pulling it up. Make sure the dress sits nicely on your body and is easy to manage. However, if you really love a dress that does not fit perfectly, you can buy body tape (found at Amazon, CVS, or Walmart) to make sure it stays in place.

Don’t Forget About Shoes

Most high schools have graduation on the football field. As such, you are not allowed to have heels with a thin back that will sink into the grass, make marks, and be a tripping hazard. Chunky heels are a better option, so you’ll have some height, but will be comfortable and won’t sink in. Just search for “chunky heels” and you can find many options. Sandals, including platform sandals, wedge sandals, or flats or nice sneakers are also good options to look into if you aren’t used to walking in heels.

Graduation can be a very emotional time, so take in the moment and cherish it. Take as many pictures and make sure you feel good in your dress and don’t regret what you wore.

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