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  • April 9Four members of the debate team qualified for States at their Super Regional tournament on April 6. States will occur April 26 and 27 at JMU.
  • April 9Prom guest forms are available in the front office. Guests who do not attend FCHS must be approved by Mrs. Bruce. Tickets go on sale next week.
  • April 8Culinary will be selling Cake in a Cup, sweet tea, and lemonade during April. Cakes are $3 while sweet tea and lemonade are $1 each.
  • April 8SOL retests will take place April 24 at 8:40 am in room 3110. Contact Ms. Blevins ([email protected]) to sign up.
  • March 26The FCHS Speech team won the State Championship on March 23 at Dominion High School. Five students placed first, two placed second, and one placed third.
The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

Cecily McMillian
FCHS students Audrey Jones and Duncan Ferrell portray a couple arguing through social media. Photo courtesy of Cecily McMillian.

Technology’s Effect on Relationships

Between texting apps, social media, or even generated AI; it’s no secret that the world of technology can have its effects on relationships. Things aren’t always as they seem through the screen.

The new world inside the tiny computer that we call a cell phone can be an easy and efficient way to stay up to date with your friends and significant others. You’re just one click away from getting to speak to who you want, when you want. This creates an environment for healthy communication at all times and an accessible way to keep up with friends.

While technology brings ways to talk to people in an instant, it can also be a way to catch up with friends and see what they’re doing, even when you’re not near each other. Seeing Instagram posts or Snapchats gives an insight into what others are doing. It can be entertaining or even just a comfort knowing what everyone is up to.

“My best friend goes to another school, so social media really helps. We talk 24/7 via Snapchat and it’s always nice seeing what she’s up to,” said FCHS sophomore Jasmine Alvarenga-Melgar.

However, the simplicity of this technology comes with its flaws. Without seeing each other face-to-face or hearing their tone, texting can leave the person on the other end confused. This can lead to miscommunications and sometimes, hurt feelings as it’s possible to interpret statements the wrong way, inducing the likelihood for arguments and misunderstandings.

“I’m usually a bad texter in the first place, so when it comes to serious matters I feel like I can never communicate as well as I usually do. Not being able to tell someone’s tone just makes it more difficult,” said junior Logan Wade.

Overall, the rapidly growing world of technology has its pros and cons. While some students may love being able to talk to people easily and revel in the connections made through social media, others may feel negatively about the chances of miscommunications. However, no matter what you believe about technology and its effect on relationships, it is becoming more and more normal in day-to-day life.

No matter what side you’re on, social media apps are increasingly being used for relationships. In today’s society, conversations now greatly rely on technology. Whether you think technology is beneficial or harmful to relationships with loved ones, it’s important to communicate thoroughly so that everyone can feel understood and heard, even if it’s through a simple screen.

“I think in the future there will be a lot of social media involvement and I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing,” said sophomore Kaiya Wrigley. “There’s definitely two sides to it when it comes to positive or negative aspects.”

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