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  • October 9To enter the Powder Puff game on 10/10 you can bring a canned food item or a $1 to enter.

  • October 9Any girl interested in running indoor track stop by Coach Brogan's room 4214 to sign up. You must have a VHSL physical by 11/8 to try out.

  • October 9All boys and girls interested in joining the swim team, sign up in room 3210. Must have a VHSL physical form on file and passing 3 subjects.

  • October 9Self-Care Club allows students to voice their struggles and provides self-care strategies. If interested in joining, see Ms. Allen in the School Counseling Office.

  • October 9Beta Club Tutoring available for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, World History, English, French, Spanish, and Music (Band) contact Barbara Marshall

  • October 3Congratulations to Noah Amato and Meghan Dech on being accepted into the VBODA South Central Regional Orchestra.


The Fluco Beat is the official news site produced by students of Fluvanna County High School, 1918 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Palmyra, VA 22963, (434-589-3666, ext. 3037)The purpose of Fluco Beat is to accurately inform Fluvanna County High School students and staff, as well as the county of Fluvanna, about the current events and inner workings of Fluvanna County School and the surrounding community.

The Fluco Beat recognizes the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press, and abides by the Tinker standard. Opinions published in the Fluco Beat do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire staff, advisor, administration, or entire student body.


Every post on The Fluco Beat website will:

  • 1. Be accurate
  • The Fluco Beat will never post rumors without facts to prove or disprove them.
  • Writers will directly quote a source and if removing a part they will use ellipses (…) in place.
  • The Fluco Beat  will never report any inaccurate facts or false information about a person.
  • Always make sure that every image posted under the The Fluco Beat  name is high quality.


  • 2. Be considerate of the law
  • The Fluco Beat will always obtain photos and videos by legal means.
  • The Fluco Beat will always endeavor to give full credit to the creator of an image or video.
  • The Fluco Beat will take down any posts that violate copyright laws.
  • The Fluco Beat will endeavor to never slander or libel others.


  • 3. Be considerate of other’s opinions
  • The Fluco Beat will endeavor to never post anything biased or offensive in nature.
  • Writers will never print a quote without asking permission from the quoted person.
  • The Fluco Beat will only take down posts if the person requesting it has an appropriate and thoughtful rationale as determined by the editorial staff.


  • 4. Be thoughtful
  • Writers will be “careful and skeptical” when choosing quotes and details to support facts. (NPR Ethics Handbook)
  • The Fluco Beat staff members will endeavor to write newsworthy and relevant stories to inform the public of important events in a timely manner.
  • The Fluco Beat will only write posts that have purpose and meaning to Fluvanna County citizens.
  • The Fluco Beat recognizes that every post can and may be seen by people with different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and religions worldwide.


  • 5. Be respectful
  • The Fluco Beat will never post images, stories, or social media posts that are inappropriate in content.
  • The Fluco Beat will endeavor to never be biased towards/against specific backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, or religions.
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