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  • Apply foundation before concealer. Photo courtesy of Sage Gibson.

  • Use a spoolie brush to define brows. Photo courtesy of Sage Gibson.

  • Lip scrub is an important part of a makeup routine. Photo courtesy of Sage Gibson.

  • Blush is essential to a full face of makeup. Photo courtesy of Sage Gibson.

  • Heating up eyeliner before applying it offers a smoother finish. Photo courtesy of Sage Gibson.

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5 Makeup Tips For Beginners

Social media is filled with beautiful makeup looks that sometimes seem impossible to replicate. Whether you are a pro at doing your makeup or a complete beginner, everyone can benefit from a few makeup tips. You don’t need to worry about struggling with a full face of makeup when you take a couple tips from someone. Here are 5 tips for a full face of makeup.

1. Apply your foundation before you put on concealer
The easiest way to make your makeup look better is to put on your foundation before you put on your concealer. Think about this, putting your foundation on first will minimize the amount of redness and discoloration on your face.This way you are pretty much creating a smooth base for you to put the rest of your products on.

After you create your foundation base you can go in with your concealer and cover up the zits and redness you have left from the foundation not covering it up. You will end up using way less product than you need. Putting your foundation on before your concealer is also good because it prevents caking and creasing. “If you have blemishes or pigmentation on the skin, you’re going to want to put your base on,” explains Lenny Royal, Pro Makeup Artist at Trinny London.

2. Brush your eyebrows out with a spoolie brush

On days that you do not want to fill in your eyebrows, you can do the next best thing: quickly comb up your arches with a spoolie brush (a.k.a. the little mascara wands). When you do feel like using powders, gels, and pencils, you can still prep your brows with a spoolie. It takes 10 seconds max. It is also an easy way to make sure each of your brow hairs are in the right spot before you go in with your products. You can buy spoolie brushes in bulk for very cheap or go for something reusable.

“Not all brows need to be filled, but a little eyebrow grooming to help shape them is always a plus” explains celebrity makeup artist David Bauer in an article from Vogue.

3. Exfoliate your lips before you apply your lipstick of choice

You know how when you try to apply lipstick and it doesn’t go on smoothly? Well, an easy solution to this is prepping your lips with lip scrub. The exfoliation will help get rid of any dry skin sitting on top of your lips, leaving you with a very smooth canvas to work with and put your products on. One thing to consider is lip scrubs should not be used everyday; they should only be used once a week. If you use it more often than that, you risk having irritation on your lips.

“Soft, healthy lips can help you feel much more confident. They also are the canvas for how easily your lipstick glides on and how your mouth is photographed,” said Markphong Tram, a makeup artist in a Dermelect blog post.

4. Don’t skip blush in your routine

It might seem like an easy and obvious step in your makeup routine, but blush being put in your makeup routine is so underrated. A couple sweeps of blush on your cheeks will give your makeup look a very natural and bright look. You do not have to pick out a bright pink blush for your look, it can be a very soft pink or peach blush. Try going for something more soft and glowy.

“I use blush on all my clients—it gives the skin that fresh and rejuvenated look and it adds the perfect amount of depth to the face,” said makeup artist Lakeisha Dale in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

5. Melt your eyeliner pencil to help it glide on your eyes

Creamy makeup glides on your face better when it is warmed up. So if your eyeliner pencil skips or tugs on your eye or takes multiple times for a decent color, melt it down a little before you start lining your eyes. To do that, hold the tip of your eyeliner under the flame of the lighter for a second and then let it cool slightly before using it on your eye. It is important that the eyeliner has cooled slightly before you apply it to your face, as applying heated makeup directly to your skin can have negative consequences.

“If you apply hot makeup to your face, it can burn and irritate your skin, as well as make your skin red,” said dermatologist Debra Jaliman in an article for Allure. Another, safer alternative to heating up your makeup is rubbing your eyeliner pencil on the back of your hand back and forth a couple of times. This will also heat up the eyeliner so it will glide smoothly without the risk of burning your skin.



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