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The Ins and Outs of TikTok’s Resolutions Trend

New year, new Tik Tok trends. One of the most recent ones closely relates to the centuries-old tradition of making a goal for the new year as people see it as a time to refresh the mind, a time to start anew and hopefully, better oneself.

The resolution trend on TikTok calls for people to share what they want to keep doing in the year (their “Ins”), and what they want to leave out (their “Outs”). Ins could include an action to become healthier, to focus on doing something you love, or to follow a rising fashion trend. Outs could include unhealthy habits such as overeating, consuming too much sugar, or failing to exercise.

“My In for the new year is saying yes to opportunities that come my way. My Out is spending too much money,” said FCHS senior Kaity Cortez

Resolutions are not just a recent fad, but have existed for about four thousand years. Centuries ago, the ancient Babylonians were the first to create resolutions for the new year. Unlike resolutions today that focus on personal goals, Babylonians promised their god to amend their mistakes and pay their dues. If they stayed true to their word, he would favor them; if they were dishonest, they would be punished.

Today’s Ins and Outs trend involves sharing a list of what the person wants to keep and discard for the new year. Others make resolutions focused on one thing, like working out. Examples like drinking more water, walking once a day, and practicing skincare are relatively simple goals that can make the person feel like task is more doable than if they were trying to keep several resolutions.

Some TikTok users structure their Ins and Outs around habits that they want to break. Some people tie their Ins and Outs together, whereas others prefer to see them as two separate resolutions.

“My In would be gardening and creating an assortment of plants and vegetables, and my Out is reducing my screen time, [which] will allow me to garden more,” said FCHS English teacher Mandy Hoy.

Fashion trends are a big topic for the beauty community, and the Ins and Outs trend there is letting everyone know what style is popular. “For the new year, my In is [wearing] more silver jewelry. Gold does not look good on me. My Out is skinny jeans,” said FCHS sophmore Camryn Wade.

Influencer Paige Lorentzen, who has over 181,000 followers on TikTok, recently shared her take on which trends are In and and which are Out. In her TikTok video, she claims bows are in, especially in forms such as accessories. She states that hair bows are a charming, coquettish, and girly statement piece. She also claims that, as the “Barbie” movie has played out, the Barbiecore trend is out. Big and neutral tote bags are in, and mini bags are out. Finally, she claims pops of cherry red and cobalt blue add boldness to any outfit, and that leopard print is coming back into fashion.

Keep in mind that such style and lifestyle choices are subjective, so one person’s In is another person’s Out, and that’s life. Still, the In and Out TikTok trend can be what inspires a person to make positive changes in their life.

“I enjoy the trend,” said FCHS senior Allison Wise. “Some things I see on other people’s lists have inspired me, like drinking more water. I tend to forget, so I wrote it in my reminders for my phone.”

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