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7 Ways to Uplift Your Spirts

Ever heard the phrase “when it rains it pours?” Life can become a lot to handle at times. It can feel as though you’re being drenched in that pouring rain with nowhere to turn. However, it is possible to avoid getting drenched and tired out by the ups and downs of life. Here are some beneficial and fact-based ways to cope with the drama and remain standing.

1. Allow positive influence from others
Surrounding yourself with people who uplift you can result in a happier you, so focus on creating and maintaining positive influences in your life. Negative individuals are people who constantly focus on the bad things in life such as disagreements, perceived hurts, and overall drama. These people can keep you down by influencing you to look at the world negatively as well. This can make it hard for you to remain in a good headspace. If you find yourself needing help removing negative people from your surroundings, author Joshua Miller provides some steps on how to do so here.

Being involved with too much negativity will only leave you feeling burnt out and drained of your own personal energy. Adding people to your life who express positive vibrations can be crucial. The positivity projected from others can increase your serotonin levels, and higher levels of serotonin, a chemical in your brain that acts as a natural mood stabilizer, help you feel happy. Therefore, having a positive influence in your life can be beneficial for improving your mood.

2. Remain kind to the unkind
Typically, remaining kind can be a difficult task to accomplish because sometimes the world can be unkind and deceitful. The more kindness you put out to the world, the more likely you are to receive it. If you’re struggling with how to embody kindness, consider ideas from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Doing simple things such as complimenting someone, helping others in need, and providing comfort when needed will help enhance your spirits. Remember to analyze the way you feel when doing a good deed because it may make you feel better than you expect. Remaining kind to others will not only leave the other person feeling better and also can affect you just as much. Kindness can be supplemented easily, and in the end, it’s worth it. It is guaranteed to leave you smiling.

3. Jam out to your favorite tunes
As they say, music is the gateway to the soul. Music without a doubt is the best mood lifter. Have you ever heard a song you enjoy and instantly lift your head? According to the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media College’s blog, music has an effect on the mind and can distinctly alter feelings of discouragement in a positive way. Playing a song that makes you wanna tap your toes is the best remedy for those harsh feelings. Music can be another way to increase both dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is a chemical that helps you feel happy, relaxed, and motivated, so next time you’re feeling down be sure to get some jams going.

4. Come to terms with the bad days
Life is far off from containing rainbows and unicorns. In reality, some days can be more challenging than others. Being able to acknowledge those tougher days can help you come to terms with them. Dwelling on days that leave us restless will only add more pessimistic thinking to our minds. Turning those bad days around is favorable as it can prevent you from harping on negative emotions. Everyone experiences difficult days, but it’s all about how you manage the way some days make you feel. Coming to terms with bad days can allow you to ease through it.

5. Find compassion within yourself
We tend to forget how important it is to have self-compassion. You may find that the better option is to criticize and defeat yourself. Yet, that is not the case at all. Learning to be understanding of your hardships, and remain compassionate to yourself is vital. During moments when it feels like life has you dragged down, remember to be nice to yourself. Take a moment to feel your feelings, do some journaling, or decide to pamper yourself. All of these things can keep you focused on uplifting your spirits. Remember that staying compassionate to yourself can make you comfortable being alone with yourself.

6. Don’t forget to care for your body
Your physical health is as equally important as your mental health. Having a balanced diet and eating regularly can not only benefit your health but also elevate your mentality. The Sage Neuroscience Center’s blog explains how physical health can lead to a better mentality. Taking care of your body can increase positive feelings within your mind. Making sure to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner can make a drastic change to your everyday life. These changes include an increase in focus, more balanced emotions, and more confidence in your self-image. Without taking care of your body how would you take care of your mind? Remember to love your body just as much as your mind.

7. Stay drawn to what you love
When dealing with tough feelings, it’s common to fall out of love with things you used to find joy in, but remaining in tune with what you love can keep you going. Staying connected with the hobbies and things that bring you joy will help you stay on track. Learning what you are interested in and discovering the things you like and dislike can make it easier to distinguish what brings you happiness. This article from the Fluco Beat recommends some hobbies to get in touch with your inner self and this article gives advice on self-care. It is necessary to stay directed towards the things that bring you both passion and joy. Always stay drawn to what you love.

Overall, it is more than possible to achieve a better perspective on life, and supplementing time for a happier you is the first step. It is okay to get knocked down at times, but choose to make it a priority to uplift your mindset during times of difficulties. You’d be surprised at how much these minor things can make the biggest difference to your everyday life.

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