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  • A student shows off their comfortable Hey Dude shoes, a popular favorite at FCHS. Photo courtesy of Hailey English.

  • A student in FCHS Journalism wearing cozy Uggs, a popular favorite. Photo courtesy of Hailey English.

  • FCHS Journalism student Sage Gibson with her hair up in the ever-popular claw clip. Photo courtesy of Hailey English.

  • Senior Sam Carter shows off her sundress and leather jacket, a combo perfect for the fluctuating spring temperatures in Fluvanna. Photo courtesy of Kessler Potter

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Stepping Into Style at FCHS

Fashion trends are always changing and evolving, and it’s always quite interesting to see what’s trending online be brought into daily life. From skinny jeans to flared yoga pants, and from scrunchies to clips, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into streetwear, high fashion or a mix of both, fashion trends allow people to express their unique style and personality. Keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult, so here’s a rundown on what’s trending now.


There’s usually always a new popular shoe or two each year, and right now, Uggs have become very popular. Uggs can go with many different outfits, including leggings and an oversized sweatshirt or jeans and a sweater. You can pair low-cut socks, fuzzy socks, and even Nike socks with Uggs. These shoes are perfect for keeping warm during the chilly winter. They’re a classic, cozy go-to choice enjoyed by many at FCHS.

“I like the comfortability of Uggs. They are soft and cozy. They are a cute piece to an outfit,” said senior Sage Gibson.

“Hey Dude” shoes have also been a cozy favorite amongst boys and girls for a while. These shoes are comfortable. Easy to wear, they look good with just about anything, allowing you to wear them with sweats and a T-shirt, jeans and a plain top, or even a sundress. This makes them perfect for any occasion. Hey Dudes come in just about any color and design imaginable, making them become a very popular choice at FCHS.

“Hey Dudes are light and comfortable making them a go to for me,” said junior Brian Bauer.

Claw Clips & Ribbons

Two big popular hair accessories are claw clips and ribbons. A claw clip is perfect for a lazy day or a day on the run; just twirl your hair and clip it in the perfect spot creating a not-so-tight ponytail. Ribbons have recently become popular for a day out and about, and you can either tie a ribbon to a ponytail or to the end of a braid. Claw clips can be paired with just about anything,from jeans and a T-shirt to sweats and a hoodie, while ribbons pair nicely with a sundress and sandals or a floral outfit. Both of these accessories come in many different colors, shapes, styles and sizes.

Evolving Spring Looks 

With spring being right around the corner as temps are consistently getting into the 50’s and 60’s, you may be wondering what clothes are going to take the lead in trends. Overall, the focus is going to be on light, airy clothes perfect for the warmer weather. Expect to see sundresses for warm weather and (or for now when it comes to those who don’t feel the cold). Pair them with a light sweater or something more edgy, like a leather jacket or a jeans jacket.

Birkenstocks are expected to be popular choices for a warm day to finish off your sundress. They can also pair nicely with shorts and a tank top.

Ultimate, whether you’re into bold prints, oversized sweaters, or statement accessories, staying current with fashion trends can allow you to experiment and showcase your personal style.

”I love the variety of fashion options [trends provide] and find it fascinating how quickly they’re evolving,” said sophomore Megan Drumheller.

If you’re looking for more ideas for spring trends, check out these links:

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