Organization Hacks

Even if we are only in December and it is not the time for the spring cleaning yet, you may want to clean and organize your room (or your entire house) before your family comes over to visit. Here are some hacks to keep them from telling you how messy your room is and to avoid the family discussion that will follow.

1) Use shoes storage

To organize papers, books, binders or notebooks, the easiest is a cabinet. However, when you don’t have room for a cabinet, the best is storage space to hang on the wall. Trones Shoes Storage from Ikea are perfect for books and binders because they can contain a lot without taking up too much space. It also gives you easy access to everything you need. Another use for this hack is a storage unit in the bathroom or using it as a nightstand. You can even use them for shoe storage; after all, that’s what they’re made for.

2) Organize a drawer

To organize a drawer, use an empty plastic box and mail organizer. Place empty toilet paper rolls by the end down to divide your drawer into different spaces for pens, pencils, scissors, tape, markers, or even chargers. You can also do this in the kitchen with a plastic box to contain dishcloths or oven mitts, in a dresser to organize socks and tights, and in a desk to separate post-its, pens, and paperclips. Instead of plastic boxes you could also use entire shoe boxes or boxes cut in half, especially for tights and leggings.

3) Use liquor box dividers

Still to organize a drawer, the cardboard divider from wine or liquor boxes can also be used as a divider for wine glasses. It enables the glasses to lay flat in the drawer without breaking or moving every time you open it. No need to buy new glasses every year now that you know how to conserve them.

4) Use binder clips for chargers

If you are tired of losing or breaking chargers and cables, this hack is an easy and fast way to get organized. Clip the binder clips on your table or desk and put the cables between the metallic pieces. This will hold them still and keep them from twisting. Plus, by using different colors you know which one is for which device.

5) Charging stations

Create a charging station by using a plastic basket, like the kind you can buy at the Dollar Store. Pass cables through the holes of the basket and charge your phone or tablet in it. All the chargers will be in one place, and you won’t have to worry about losing them. You can also use a shoe box by making holes in the back and closing the box while your devices are charging.

6) Use double hangers

Make more room in your closet by creating double clothes hangers. Use the tabs from soft drink cans or the hanger given with your new scarf to hang one hanger on another and take more vertical room than horizontal. You can also use a chain or curtain ring.

7) Use a folding technique to gain space

To fold your t-shirts and shorts, use this technique so you can gain space in your dresser and pick out all of your outfits by seeing them all.

For t-shirts, start with the back in front of you and fold the sleeves. Then, fold the t-shirt in half and then into thirds. For shorts, fold them in half vertically and then fold them lengthwise in half (except the waist). Fold the waist at a third of the shirt and put the other side in the belt.

By the end, the t-shirts and the shorts stand alone in your drawer and you can fit in more than usual. 

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