Spring 2021 fashion trends

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Most people love the sight of spring, and one of the best parts of season is seeing fashion brands and magazines open up about upcoming trends and designs…especially after a long year of staying at home and living in sweatpants.

Although it has been quite a year for the fashion world, it’s a season like never before. Some of the most influential decades are playing a role in the looks for spring, from bold colors and stylish, small sunglasses, to big blazers and black facemasks.

Amid the pandemic, New York and London opted for digital showcases and online fashion shows to introduce the spring looks. They were only open to a select small number of buyers and press, following secure Covid-19 measures. Milan and Paris held laid back showings of the hottest pieces from some of the biggest brands with strict social distancing measures. Others opted to try showing the shows via film and virtual reality.

The majority of these trends are constantly changing and rearranging by the minute. The aforementioned oversized blazer has been a staple for many women of the 80’s and 90’s. Typically, these blazers were worn by working women in the office from 9-5. However, in today’s clothing, they’re a finishing piece of just about any outfit, regardless of environment. From pastel colors, to tweeds, to plaid prints, these blazers are dominating every modern woman’s closet.

Speaking of pastels, this isn’t the first time the fashion industry has fallen back in love with them. In 2016, fashion embraced Pantone’s color of the year, “Rose Quartz,” which was fixated with Millennial pink. This season, pastels are returning in shades of baby blue, sage green, lemon, and lilac that may remind you of the soothing memories of adolescence. The renewed collection of the optimistic pastels is fixated with a longing for wellness, comfort, and health in response to the constriction of the pandemic.

Since the pandemic, face masks have strictly been used to protect yourself and others from the spread of Covid-19. However, who says you can’t do this in a fashionable manner? Pairing face masks to compliment your outfit has been all the rage this spring season. From matching the color of the mask to a blazer or a cute sweater set, to going with the conventional, black face mask, masks can match any outfit if paired correctly.

As things head into warmer weather, consider pairing your outfits with a sleek, silk mask for easier breathing, or go all out with an embellished mask if you’re feeling fancy. Face masks have unlimited styling opportunities that can make any outfit complete, all while promoting Covid safety.

One timeless piece that’s been worn numerous times over the decades and has returned is knee-high boots. Now popular in white, these take inspiration from the 60s with the classic gogo inspired footwear. You can pair these boots with a dress, a cute patterned set, or make a statement by wearing flare jeans on top to elongate your legs while honoring the iconic swinging 60s decade.

On sunny days (or not), sunglasses are a staple to any outfit. This year, ditch the classic aviators for a trendy and retro rectangular-shaped pair, a shape which has been blowing up on social media platforms. The sunglasses perfectly balance fashion and function and can be worn in a variety of colors from a monochrome black to a dark yellow. The reason why the rectangle shape of the sunnies is so popular is because it is sure to look good on anyone from A-list models to your average person.