FCHS Surpasses State On-Time Graduation Rate Average

FCHS Surpasses State On-Time Graduation Rate Average

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Fluvanna’s on-time graduation rate of 95.6 percent surpassed the state’s rate at 92.3 percent according to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), which recently released state-level, division-level, and school-level reports that detail outcomes for students who entered the ninth grade for the first time in 2016, and were scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2020.

The county’s dropout rate of 2 percent in 2020 was lower than the state’s average of 5.1 percent. Compared with the 132 public school divisions across the state of Virginia, Fluvanna ranks 26th for fewest dropouts and 28th for On-Time Graduation. The state’s report disaggregates the graduation and dropout data to reflect student subgroups. Fluvanna exceeded the state’s performance in 13 of the 14 areas for on-time graduation and dropouts.

The graduation rate is indicative of those students who earned advanced, standard, special, or general achievement diplomas. Students earning a graduate equivalent degree (GED) are not included in the calculation. The dropout rate reflects those students who permanently left school and does not include students who are continuing to seek a diploma beyond the four years.

Overall, percentages for graduation in Fluvanna were observed to be higher than the state average on most demographics and boast a lower dropout rate in every demographic. Additionally, more board approved diplomas (in both the advanced and standard category) were awarded to Fluvanna seniors than the state average.

Fluvanna graduates earning an Advanced Studies Diploma were 53.9 percent, which was 8.6 percentage points higher than the previous year. The Advanced Studies Diploma prepares students to enter higher education and requires additional credits in mathematics, laboratory science, and history and social sciences as compared with the Standard Diploma requirements. The Advanced Studies Diploma also requires students to complete three years of foreign language and three additional Standards of Learning Tests.

The reports for schools, school divisions, and the Commonwealth are available for viewing and downloading in the Virginia School Report Card section of the VDOE website.

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