Take the Fitch Challenge

Evynne Stafford, FCHS Journalist

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Word of a new competition has been floating in the air, specifically, a Book Report Challenge inspired by teacher Clarence Fitch. He started off by making this a task for his students; however, it has since turned into a school-wide competition. Teachers are now asked to participate as well. It will be the students and teachers versus Fitch.

The requirements and rules are as follows:

  • Read a biography or autobiography of at least a 100 pages of text
  • Write a review of the book that answers
  • The following questions: What makes the person or people interesting? What did you already know and what new things did you learn about the person or people? Would you like to have the person or people as a friend or family member? Why or why not?
  • Submissions must have a creative title and be typed, up to 500 words, and in size 12 point font


  • Essays will be judged by a panel of judges of FCHS teachers
  • The winners must meet or exceed Mr. Fitch’s own writing
  • All entries are due to Mr. Fitch or the library by Fri, March 6


The competition began after the librarians asked teachers to select their favorite book in the library. Fitch’s favorite book was the first to be checked out by his students. However, students told him that he didn’t even read books, something Fitch took that as a challenge. “No one can outread me,” he said.

He selected a book on human rights activist, Malcom X, for his biography. “I love the meaning behind the book. It shows how someone can start one place and end up in another that they thought they never would. That’s how my life has been,” Fitch said.

Librarian Ann Jennings said that the judges are still being decided, but that prizes will be given to student winners. One student per grade level will receive a pizza party, while the student with the best article will win items of Fluco gear and a gift card. As for the teachers, they will receive major bragging rights, said Jennings.

Jennings noted that “once Mr. Fitch has an idea, it is hard to say no to him,” so only one question remains: will Fitch remain the best book report writer or will someone outwrite him?