Putting in Work on the Court

Even though she is only a freshman, FCHS student Mya Wright has already found her place. She makes her mark by being involved with school sports teams, dedicating her time to challenging practices and strenuous workouts. “I play basketball and volleyball at FCHS. I work hard for what I want and know that I can never give up if I want to succeed,” she said.

This mindset is what leads to her success. “My dream school is North Carolina University (UNC). I want to be able to play basketball there,” said Wright, who has played basketball for a decade. “Basketball is my love, and I would give anything to be able to play it every day. I hope I receive a scholarship one day,” she said.

Wright knows that her dream requires hard work, and she is prepared to deliver. “I have played for [recreational teams] Louisa Pride and Charlottesville Dream. I am trying my hardest to get stronger and better my skills so I can help my team to the best of my ability,” said Wright.

She said her strong relationship with her coach is another factor to her success. “My absolute favorite coach is Coach [Chad] White. He has worked with me from school to the court and helped me better myself in every way. Whenever I need something, he is always there to help and guide me. I am truly motivated by him,” said Wright.