An All-American Review

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All American is an inspiring, eye-opening show that keeps the viewer entertained with multiple twists and turns. All American is set in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California. It is made up of three seasons, with seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and all seasons on the CW Network. The show is inspired by a true story of NFL player Spencer Paysinger, who was a Superbowl champion.

All American revolves around the life of a character called Spencer James. Spencer was recruited to Beverly Hills by head coach Billy Baker. This caused problems in Spencer’s poorer community of Crenshaw, and in his life in general. Spencer has to find a way to balance his life in Beverly Hills and his life in Crenshaw while taking on the role of a star football player.

Throughout the show, Spencer finds a way to bring together his two very different families. This helps them discover that although they think they are very different, they are brought together because they aren’t so different after all.

My favorite part of All American is the prevalent issues it brings to light. It addresses family issues that come with a blended family, homosexuality, drug addictions, relationships, gang violence, and racial injustice. It shows how hard it can be to be accepted into society for your differences, and how that can affect a person. It also shows how hard it can be for someone to stop gang violence and make it out of a gang. This makes you realize how vastly different the lives of someone who doesn’t struggle with these issues and those of people who do struggle with them can be.

Although I wish I could find a downside to give you, there is nothing I didn’t like about this show. I can say that even though the show is rated TV-14 you should be aware that there is mild nudity, gang violence, fights, and mild profanity, so it might not be the best for a young teen to watch.

Overall, I would highly recommend this show to anyone who likes a good sports drama. Be prepared for the many twists and turns, and possibly keep a box of tissues on hand to get you through the show.