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BTS at the KCON New York 2016 Red Carpet. Photo courtesy of under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

BTS Remains a Teenager’s Dream

If you were alive and living in America during the 2010’s, you’ve heard of BTS. With almost 70 million fans and listeners, some wonder how a group of mostly teenage boys from Korea became one of the most notorious bands in the world.

The ultra popular “Bangtan Boys” from Seoul, South Korea, made their debut on June 13, 2013. They had seven members, the leader being only 19 (Kim Nam-joon, or RM, as he is known) and the youngest member being 15 (Jungkook). Today, for BTS fans worldwide, June 13th is celebrated as “BTS Day.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine regarding his early years, RM said “I had a sense of urgency and desperation about going after my dreams.” This was proven in the events that followed the boy band as they became an international sensation.

The explosion of Korean pop’s popularity can generally be attributed to PSY’s “Gangnam Style” from 2012. Most, in the United States have heard the song (even if they didn’t know who sang it). Part of the appeal came from the memeable nature of the song’s music video, the horse dance making its way onto computer screens everywhere (whether you liked it or not). This K-pop boom paved the way for the popularity of groups like BTS.

BTS is known for their loud, energetic music, flashy music videos, and overall talent. Their music focuses on a multitude of genres, including pop, EDM, hip-hop, and R&B. And it isn’t just their sound that has made people adore the seven musicians: It’s their lyrics. BTS’s motto is “love yourself,” something that resonates with those who feel insecure or are generally going through hard times.

Band members often talk about subjects regarding mental health. Lead rapper SUGA (Min Yoon-gi) released his solo album, “D-Day,” on April 21, 2023. His songs speak extensively to his own struggles and tribulations, but also looking forward into the future. His songs like “Amygdala” and “The Last,” under the name August D, are excellent illustrations of mental health awareness.

The group also supports social causes and charities. In 2022, BTS met with the President Joe Biden to talk about and address the surge of race-based hate crimes, including anti-Asian hate crimes, in the United States. “To put a stop to this and support the cause, we’d like to take this opportunity to voice ourselves once again,” the main dancer and vocalist of BTS, Jimin (Park Ji-min), stated during the briefing.

Jungkook and V’s (Kim Tae-hyung) have also recently released new music. Jungkook’s song “Seven” stood atop the global billboard charts for three consecutive weeks in June. V also released an album called “Layover” this month, making him the final member of BTS to debut as a solo artist.

Currently, members Jin (Kim Seok-jin) and J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) are serving in the South Korean military, something which is mandatory in that country for all male citizens for a period of time. Jin is the vocalist and “visual” of BTS. He’s known as “Worldwide Handsome” by his fans. J-Hope is the other lead rapper of the group, his trendy style and caring ideals making him a fan-favorite for many.

Between the unique character of the group’s members, bold music, and the transcontinental messages BTS encompasses, it’s no surprise that a group like them have made their way in the world, and are likely to continue to make waves in the music world for years to come.

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