7 Ways to Save Your Summer


Photo Courtesy to Jennifer Cortez

Summer is a time for relaxing, seeing friends, and having fun. But occasionally, summer comes with a few challenges, particularly when you’re outside enjoying nature. So consider these seven hacks as you plan your outside activities in the upcoming summer months.

1) Stay sand-free with baby powder
It’s always a pain to be covered in sand after a nice day at the beach. But by bringing along a bottle of baby powder, you can easily avoid this problem. According to All Created.com, sprinkling baby powder on areas of your skin covered by sand is an effective way to get that pesky sand off. The powder will absorb your body’s moisture, making it easier to remove the sand.

2) Keep your possessions
While you are busy relaxing, the last thing you want to worry about is having your items stolen. According to DIY Crafts, a clever way to disguise your possessions is with an empty deodorant container (just make sure you clean it out well). You can easily hide money, keys, and valuables this way. Seriously, who would want to steal deodorant?

3) Fight sunburn with aloe
Unfortunately, most sunscreen and sun-protection products don’t work reliably, especially if you’ve been sweating, or in and out of the water. Sunburn is an inevitable fact of summer, but thankfully, there are options to treat it. Take into consideration this tip from Cosmopolitan Magazine: Aloe plants contain a jelly protein that is used to treat many burns, especially sunburns.

If you keep an aloe plant on hand (they are really easy to grow and last for years), just cut off a leaf and scoop out the jelly, which can be used to relieve the pain and create a cooling sensation. (To minimize stickiness, use an ice-cube tray to make aloe ice cubes. Place the tray in the freezer, then apply the ice to the burn for an extra soothing feeling.)

4) Get rid of ants…safely
Spring is the time of year for critters and insects to make an appearance, but traditional insect-killing agens may be unsafe for household pets, so try to more natural approach from Instructables. Take some popcorn kernels and blend them on high speed until you have a mixture the consistency of cornmeal.

Next, place teaspoon-sized piles of the mixture wherever you see ants. Within a few days, the problem will resolve itself. The ants will attempt to eat the cornmeal, but won’t be able to digest it, resulting in their demise back at the ant nest.

5) Waterproof your phone
Instead of spending up to $100 for a waterproof phone case, DIY Crafts suggests using a plastic ziploc bag to protect your phone while at the beach. The bag acts as a thin layer, which protects the phone from stray splashes but still makes it possible for you to use it.

Keep in mind that resealable bags can get holes and are not designed to be completey waterproof, so if you think you can use it to bring your phone into the water with you, you might be in for a nasty surprise.

6) Quick fix for itchy bug bites
If you find yourself stuck with a stubborn bug bite, HGTV suggests using either a roll-on or spray deodorant to rub on it. The deodorant helps to provide instant relief by drawing away moisture from the bite.

7) No-mess popsicles
At any age, popsicles are an enjoyable treat. But they can often drip, making a sticky, unpleasant mess. DIY Crafts has a quick fix to this problem. Take a cupcake liner; fold it over and cut or make a small hole in the center, then stick the popsicle stick through the middle. Any juice drops will be captured in the liner, and you’ll be able to enjoy your treat without the mess.

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