Top 5 Sites & Apps for the Beginning Writer

A lot of the time, struggling writers will sit with their eyes glaring over the bright screen of their computers while being unable to put their thoughts or ideas into words. Even if that’s not the case, they may think many of their ideas are unoriginal or boring. Being a writer can be hard, even if you’re good at it, so that’s why the internet is here to help by providing plenty of online resources like programs, applications or websites to assist you and your passion.

In this top five countdown, we will discuss the greatest websites and applications for the beginning writer.

#5 – Wattpad

One of the writer’s greatest allies is exposure. Exposing oneself to the ideas of others or bringing attention to your own work is a necessary step in the cycle of writing. Being able to experience the ideas, words and emotions of other writers is also an essential piece to the creative process.

One app which helps to facilitate this factor of writing is Wattpad.

Wattpad is an amazing app for a beginning author, allowing hundreds of original stories to be shared across multiple media platforms and read by thousands of real people. By posting your stories online, anyone from anywhere has the potential to read and give feedback on your literary works. This not only allows the user to improve their writing, but it gives the user the ability to find out what’s hot at the moment in literary works.

#4 – Squarespace 

A private, American company based in New York, Squarespace is one of the best ways to create your own website without paying a dime, but it’s an even better way to start up a writer’s blog. By simply signing up for free, creating a blog, and posting your stories to your new domain, beginning writers can immediately create exposure for their works and spread them across the internet. To some, starting a blog may be seen as old school or unoriginal, but believe it or not, it is indeed one of the easiest ways to become acknowledged as a writer. Plus, the webpage templates provided definitely look very nice and up to date, meaning that your blog won’t seem like the archaic program used by the Soviet Union to send the first satellite, Sputnik, into space.

No. 3 – Grammarly

Now who said that you’re always writing stories? Maybe it’s a professional essay or article, and if so, then Grammarly would be your best method for correcting grammar. Grammar is one of those things that even experts can still mess up every once in a while. That’s why Grammarly is one of the necessities for any college student. Proper grammar could be the sole subject that decides the difference between an A or a C in your next essay. 

Grammarly will tell the user how easy your writing is to follow, whether it’s at a college or average reading level, and whether your words are clear or neatly organized. It’s a good app that can quite accurately dictate problems in your writing and help the user make corrections.

No. 2 –

Most of the previous subjects were basic applications or online resources, but this next one is an amazing website for those who are stuck in their own mind. provides many exercises and techniques to use when writing, allowing you to escape the constant deadlock keeping the mind firmly planted in one place. From rediscovering perspectives to finding word patterns, can help alleviate any of the many problems from which  a writer might suffer from. 

As a writer, getting the typical case of writer’s block is an unavoidable part of the writing process. Before an idea comes the thought process, which is where many writers struggle. Using the different strategies and tips offers, you can find yourself looking into a problem from a different angle, allowing your thought process to morph into a more positive form.

No. 1 – NaNoWriMo

Whereas can help you get out of your writer’s block, NaNoWriMo (, or National Novel Writing Month, is an amazing resource for collecting information on the practical sides of writing. Things like acquiring an agent or publisher are explained in detail with additional tips and suggestions, and it’s the perfect place to read about others’ writing accomplishments. This blogging site is incredibly useful, and beginning writers would be smart to utilize the mounds of information on it.