The End Of Arrow, Part 2

February 12, 2020

Well, it finally happened. After eight seasons, Arrow has finally come to an end in one of its best seasons yet. While the show’s themes have changed multiple times throughout its run, season eight of Arrow manages to pay tribute to all of them. 

Except for one.

Due to licensing issues, main character Oliver Queen’s best friend and worst enemy, Deathstroke, could not return for the season outside of a small cameo in the final episode. Deathstroke is easily one of the best villains in the Arrow-verse and has played such an important role in Queen’s life and his absence has left the finale and the show feeling incomplete. 

Aside from Deathstroke’s absence, however, Arrow’s final season is outstanding. Rather than trying to create a new plot for the season, Arrow sticks to more fan service than anything, each episode being an homage to a previous season of the show. For example, the first and final episodes of the season were recalls of episodes in season one.

The first episode opens on Earth-2 where Oliver has returned from the island. However, things take a slight turn. Instead of Malcolm Merlin becoming the Dark Archer, his best friend, Tommy Merlin, takes up the black hood and bow to avenge the one he loves, the same way his father did in season one. As for the last episode, it mainly revolves around [Spoiler Alert!] Oliver’s funeral, but has a flashback sequence that shows how far he’s come from the murdering and spiteful Hood he once was.

During season seven of Arrow, it was announced that the character of Oliver would die during the final season. While this revelation makes the overall plot for the season seem straightforward, it unfortunately takes the force out of Oliver’s final sacrifice. But it’s still the saddest death in the entire Arrow-verse. 

It’s hard to go into detail without spoiling the season, especially the episodes in this year’s crossover, Crisis On Infinite Earths. But season eight is easily the most emotional season of Arrow, with Oliver taking a final stand to try and change his fate, but ultimately choosing to save the loved ones he had lost throughout the show’s run. The final episode isn’t an explosive, action-filled finale, but rather a subtle passing of the torch to honor the legacy of the Green Arrow. However, the rest of the season well compensates for these quiet moments.  

While it has its flaws, such as the entirety of season four, Arrow can be one of the best and most emotional shows out there with amazing, well-thought out stories and well-written characters. On the other hand, the show can be redundant, frustrating, and boring in a handful of episodes. Still, the show has created and carried its own universe that will burn on even without Arrow. 


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