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Shifting Perspectives

Courtesy to Michelle Stafford

Thao Nguyen, Mass Media Student

March 18, 2016

8573, 5687, 4882. While these numbers may seem completely random, they are more similar than you think: these are the distances (in miles) between America and the home countries of some of Fluvanna County High School’s foreign exchange students. This school year, seven students from around the globe...

Corbin Receives Honor

Courtesy of FCHS Guidance

Jake Delaurier, FCHS Journalist

March 11, 2016

On Feb. 11, FCHS senior Jonathan Corbin was recently awarded the Harry F. Byrd Jr. Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding seniors in each of Virginia's high school districts. Corbin received $10,000 for the award. “It was a big honor to be nominated by Ms. [Samantha] Lewis...

A Future in Singing

Courtesy to Brandon Cheung

Jake Delaurier, FCHS Journalist

March 3, 2016

While some people can get stage fright singing in front of large crowds, FCHS senior Brandon Cheung thrives on the spotlight. Cheung has loved to sing as long as he can remember. “I remember singing along to the radio when I was little,” said Cheung, who has been involved with choir since fourth...

Volleyball’s Rising Star

Volleyball's Rising Star

Trinity Hayes, FCHS Mass Media Student

November 18, 2015

FCHS student Christina Walker did what most freshmen are too scared to try: try out for varsity. Earlier this year, Walker tried out for Lady Flucos’ varsity volleyball team, and to her joy, she made it. At just 14, she has accomplished many things since she started playing three years ago. Walker...

Pageant Princess to Dogwood Queen

Pageant Princess to Dogwood Queen

Makenna Smith, FCHS Mass Media Student

October 27, 2015

Most people think pageants are for people trying to be someone they are not.  But the key to succeeding in a pageant is to just be yourself.  That is what Dorothy Cosner did, and she ended up becoming Miss Fluvanna and the Dogwood Queen for 2015. “I just told myself over and over again to be myself and stay ...

Excelling Through ACIS

Excelling Through ACIS

Lauren Kirby, Fluco Beat Editor

October 26, 2015

Ever since Advanced Computer Information Systems (ACIS) was made a class at Fluvanna County High School, only two students have achieved the Expert status on 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist.  Sophomore Emily Antesberger is the first student to earn the industry certification in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPo...

Who’s Your Role Model?

Who's Your Role Model?

Kenzie Herring, FCHS Mass Media Student

October 14, 2015

Lexi Demers is not only a senior at Fluvanna County High School, she is also a role model to many young girls. Demers is not one to just give up; when she wants something she really goes for it. Demers is no ordinary student. Besides being an honor student, she is also the president of the schoo...

A Passion for Art

Photo Taken by Alex Heister

Jake Delaurier, FCHS Journalist

April 9, 2015

“Good eye for detail, meticulous, and works hard toward perfection” are just a few ways FCHS art teacher Michelle Coleman describes high school junior Ashtin Bowman. Bowman has been a student of Coleman ever since her freshman year. Since then Coleman has taught Bowman in Art 1, Art 2, and Arts and...

An Artist in Fluvanna

Senior Sarah Trail

Jasmine Hankins, FCHS Journalist

March 13, 2015

What makes an artist? According to Google, an artist is a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby. By that definition, senior Sarah Trail is one incredibly talented artist. The young blonde began her FCHS art career in ninth grade with her current Art III and IV teacher...

Engineering An A

Engineering An A

Cassandra Hobbs, FCHS Journalist

March 3, 2015

Perhaps all AP students know the stress of studying for the AP subject tests and the fear of judgment and low scores—it’s ingrained in their minds by the repetitious warnings of teachers, like, “This test will be one of the hardest of your high school career,” or, “Ask me before you pay for this, I...

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