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A Man of Culture

March 17, 2021

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So who’s that guy you does such peppy, inspirational morning announcements? Chad White, the Interim Assistant Principal and Career & Technical Education/Work-Based Learning Coordinator for FCHS, has worked in the school district for 19 years. He has always enjoyed helping children.

Born and raised in Fluvanna, he graduated from FCHS and attended Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and University of Phoenix. He completed his undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising at VCU and received his Masters from University of Phoenix.

White notes he has had several other job titles and positions in his years in the workforce. “I have always wanted to help the youth,” he said when asked what drove him to do his current job. His days are very busy, packed with all different things he has to complete.

He says the best part about his job is helping students. He enjoys interacting with students and helping them however he can. “Stop by my office. My door is always open or just email me,” White replied when asked how students should contact him if needed. Engaging in simple conversations and joking with students is another highlight of his job.

Aside from the positive messages He shares on his morning announcements, does he have any words of wisdom for students? “The world has changed. You have to change with it. Be the ‘change agents’ we need to create a better world,” he said.

He admits that being in his position isn’t always easy. “Not always being able to fix everyone’s problems; This is the toughest part about this profession,” White said.

White is a family guy. He is a loving husband, father, cousin, uncle and son to all around him. “It would take me forever to type everything I could about my family, so I’ll just say they’re great. I love them,” he said.

In his free time, he enjoys watching documentaries and listening to podcasts about music, history and culture. He enjoys listening to jazz music as well.

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