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Linda Fletcher

Teacher Moves Between Languages With Ease

June 2, 2021

Do you think learning one foreign language is difficult? Try teaching multiple foreign languages and switching back and forth between them with ease.

Aside from teaching multiple levels of French and Spanish, Linda Fletcher also teaches Introduction to World Languages.

Fletcher has had an extensive educational experience. “[I spent my] first year at University of Ohio on full scholarship for gymnastics as an engineering student. Years 2-5, I went to a local community college and got an associate’s degree two years in Business Administration,” she said.

Next, Fletcher spent a year in France at a Bible Institute outside of Paris, and a few years later went to UVA and got a bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature. Then she went back to UVA to get a master’s of education in Curriculum and Instruction. Eventually, she also worked toward and achieved National Board Teacher Certification.

Fletcher grew up in Baldwinsville, New York, outside of the city of Syracuse in the central New York area. “I was one of six children and was the runt of the litter and a wall flower–shy, quiet, and always trying to keep up with my other siblings,” she said.

Outside of school, Fletcher loves to garden. “Flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, berries, whatever I can try to grow,” she said. She also loves to sing and play guitar. “I really enjoy being outside doing anything. I also read a lot,” she added.

What does Fletcher think of this year? She described it as ”horrendous…both for me as a teacher, and more so for the students. I can see how the social isolation has affected students’ development in numerous ways: What they think about themselves, about their academics and about their situation and future. I think it has been crippling in a large way, but I am optimistic that ultimately, good will come out of it all,” she said.

Fletcher is candid about her frustrations regarding virtual learning. “For me, I have struggled considerably with the many challenges presented, from the technology aspect (a mountain to overcome) to the frustration of working with 90% limited feedback from my students. When I can’t see their work-in-progress, when I can’t see their facial expressions, their body language, when they don’t bother to ask questions or add comments because the digital platform is too awkward, I have no idea how to progress with what I am teaching or how to present it,” she added.

She says her favorite thing about being a teacher is “developing relationships with students, getting to know who they are and having the privilege of walking alongside them through a very small part of their journey through life. Each student I have had has been incredibly unique and gifted, and brings light and joy into my life,” Fletcher said.

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