The Face Behind the Tests

FCHS testing coordinator, Angie Blevins

Photo courtesy of Angie Blevins

FCHS testing coordinator, Angie Blevins

While no student may enjoy taking a test, there is one thing which is actually tougher: scheduling and coordinating them for hundreds of students at a time. That’s the job of FCHS Testing Coordinator Angie Blevins.

“As the testing coordinator, I have to be trained on every test that I give and then train teachers to help me give the tests,” said Blevins. These tests include everything from SOL’s, Advanced Placement and CTE tests, to national tests like PSAT’s and SAT’s. “I have to plan the dates for testing and which teachers and students will be in each classroom. I have to keep track of lots of information such as student test scores and grades so that I can make sure everyone has what they need to graduate from high school. So my job includes a lot of lists in spreadsheet form so I can keep up with it all,” said Blevins.

Even though keeping track of hundreds of students and staff is difficult it’s not her biggest challenge. “The hardest thing about my job is communication. I have to be sure everyone knows the dates and times for testing and whether or not they are required to take the tests,” she said.

Blevins says this is one of her favorite things about her job is that she really likes learning anything and everything. “In my job, things are constantly changing. The technology changes. The procedures change and the rules about graduation change. So I spend a lot of my time learning these things,” she added.

Before becoming the testing coordinator at Fluvanna, Blevins was a math teacher. “I have taught middle school math as well as high school math [including] Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Advanced Math and AFDA. As a middle school teacher, I also taught some exploratory classes in aerobics, kite making, and drama,” she said.

Blevins got her Bachelors of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Mary Washington, and a Masters of Science in Education (Administration) from Old Dominion University. “My grandparents are from Fluvanna. I grew up in Manassas [Virginia] because my dad was a [Virginia] state trooper and then a county policeman in Manassas while I was growing up. I moved to Fluvanna as an adult to build a house on our family farm,” she said.

When she’s not working, Blevins likes to work in her garden and yard, read books and do 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles,as well as sew and do cross stitch. “I love the beach and go there a few times a year when I can,” she said.

What is one thing she wishes students knew about her job? “I would like students to know that I am always available to help them with questions about testing and what tests they need for graduation. If students feel anxious about tests or are having trouble passing tests, I can help. They should just let me know in person or by email.”

Students should also know that Blevins is a mostly untapped resource for students. “I have worked with many, many students to help them get where they want to go in life. My goal is for all students to graduate from high school and have a plan for what comes next,” said Blevins.