An Opportunity for U2

For many student athletes, one athletic season per year just isn’t enough. So many search for club or travel teams that take place in the offseason. The problem is, in a small town like Fluvanna, many clubs are a long drive away.

In particular, the number of travel volleyball teams in the area is slim, with only two real options even if you’re willing to drive. These include Richmond Volleyball Club (RVC), or CAVS, a team based out of Charlottesville. Along with the distance, membership on these teams comes with a price of thousands of dollars. So, some area residents are thankful that these clubs aren’t the only option anymore.  

When the desperate need for more volleyball clubs was noticed, FCHS volleyball coach Christi Harlowe jumped at the opportunity to start a new club. With the help of some generous sponsors, volunteer coaches, and quickly-spread advertising, the U2 Volleyball Club began.

Tryouts took place earlier in the winter, and participants were excited to see a gym filled with girls of all ages. From those who touched a volleyball for the first time to those competing at a varsity level, they all share the same passion: volleyball.Due to the turnout, coaches were able to compose multiple teams, including a practice team, as well as U13, U15, and U17 teams.

U2 (which stands for “Uniquely United”), is different from other area clubs, because it is run similarly to the FCHS Varsity team. Recently, the U17 team paired with the youngest team to create partners who will stick together throughout the season, exchanging tips, advice, and gifts before the tournaments. It is a unique bonding experience that is enjoyed by many.

In the short time that U2 has been an official club, the U17 team has started to make a name for itself. After rigorous workouts in the weight room and focus-driven practices three times a week, the girls were more than ready to take the court at their first official tournament at JMU on January 21.

Arriving at the University at 8:00 a.m. sharp, the day of play soon began. First was pool play, where U2 came out victorious with a record of 8-1. Although the team fell short in the semifinals against Blue Ridge, the U2 girls were not discouraged, but proud of the quick progress that the club had made. After 13 hours of gameplay, it was back to Fluvanna.

All of U2’s teams are steadily progressing through their seasons, with plenty of time to learn, grow, and build on their abilities. Even though it’s only the rookie club’s first year, one thing is for sure, the club is here to stay.

For more information on teams, schedules, when new teams will be formed and more, contact Christi Harlowe at [email protected].