Winter Formal or Not?

Sometimes, the time gap between Homecoming and Prom can seem like an eternity, especially for students who love dances. Recently, the BETA Club has attempted to fill this gap with another fun-filled night called the “Winter Formal,” which has a Sadie Hawkins theme, where girls ask the guys. “People get excited for [Winter] Formal because you get to see your friends and it gives you another chance to find a date, and you get to dance the night away,” said Senior Aurora Jones ‘17.

But the biggest question these days is, “When is the dance?” Due to the inclement weather, finding a concrete date for the dance has seemed at times to be an impossible task, with dates originally set for December and then multiple times in January. Part of the problem in getting the dance scheduled is that the BETA Club only meets two Wednesdays a month during Fluco Focus. Due to winter break and then snow days, the club hasn’t met in many weeks. At an earlier meeting last fall, the club split into different groups, each with a specific job, including an advertising team and a decorating crew.

Although not much information has been spread about the event, BETA members insist that the dance will happen. “It will take place sometime in February, and more information will be released soon,” said BETA member Sophie Kershner ‘17.  Many students are excitedly looking forward to this night, “I’ve never been [to winter formal] before and I’m interested to see what it’s like,” said Camryn Frederick ‘18.

Update January 20, 2017: The Beta Club announced that the Winter Formal will be held on Feb. 18 from 8 pm to 11 pm in the Cafeteria.