Slow Down!

If driving through the school parking lot feels like making it through an obstacle course lately, here’s why.  After receiving numerous complaints about speeding in the student lot, Officer Lacorie Steppe decided to take action. “We have many inexperienced drivers that are still learning the basics to driving. Adding speed to this factor increases the likelihood of hurting themselves or someone else,” said Steppe. The changes are occurring to enhance the safety of all pedestrians and slow the drivers down.

Steppe said that there have been reports of drivers not stopping to allow pedestrians to cross in the parking lots. As a result, the school has placed signs on every crosswalk to remind drivers to slow down. There are more changes to come, including new speed bumps, repainting crosswalks, and posting speed limit signs.  

Young drivers are often unaware of the consequences of careless behavior behind the wheel and may forget that driving is a privilege that can be taken away. Officer Steppe said that if an offense occurs on campus, he can write a referral and handle it through administration, or write a citation and handle it through the court. Motorists can be cited for reckless driving in parking lots. This is classified as a Class 1 Misdemeanor and if convicted, the punishment is either jail time and a fine of not more than $2,500 and sometimes, both.

If the rules on campus are broken, administration can restrict drivers from parking in the school lots. “All 1,400 students on campus are classified as my kids. I love all my students and I will ensure that everyone is safe and taught the most accurate material to be successful in life,” said Steppe.