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The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

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An image of the flag of the United States and the flag of Iran meeting in the middle. Image created by Fluco Journalism, image courtesy of Bing Image Creator.

Unseen Wars: What the Media Doesn’t Cover

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, intending to take control of the current pro-West government. American news outlets covered the story swiftly, and the Russo-Ukrainian war has taken center stage in global news since then.

As of Oct. 7, 2023, the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a terrorist attack on Israel, killing approximately 1,200 Israeli civilians. Now, the Israeli-Hamas war is taking the spotlight, and Ukraine is falling behind in the news.

The speed at which it takes the news spotlight to shift is a bit concerning. Moreover, it raises an important question: If the focal point in global news is so one-tracked, what could be going on that never reaches the same level of news coverage? I want to bring to light some conflicts that have implications that might impact Americans.

Let’s take a look at some current and upcoming events on the global stage.

Ethiopia Takes to the Red Sea

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed concerns about the country’s landlocked status, citing, “Ethiopia’s existence as a nation is linked to the Red Sea,” in a speech on Oct. 13, 2023. With his country’s inadequate access to seaports and a population of 120 million, Ahmed faced an accusation of impending war with its neighbors in the Horn of Africa. Allegedly, the prime minister said to a group of businessmen, “We want to get a port by peaceful means, but if that fails, we will use force,” adding possible credence to the worry of war.

Many believe if Ahmed cannot peacefully gain access to a port, Ethiopia will seize Eritrea’s port of Assab, sparking another war between the two after Eritrean independence was reached in 1993. Ahmed stated that “Ethiopia will not pursue its interests through force,” and that they “wouldn’t pull the trigger on its brothers.” The United States’ stance on the matter is unclear at this time.

Venezuela Seeks to Annex Guyana

Venezuela, a major ally of Russia, intends to annex the Essequibo region of Guyana, which accounts for two-thirds of the country. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro displayed a new map of Venezuela which included this region on television, solidifying the intention to seize Essequibo. Some speculate Vladimir Putin is involved in this ordeal. Russian forces (likely only a few, as they prioritize Ukraine) may aid in the Venezuelan conquest of the region, as the Essequibo region is rich in oil and other natural resources.

The White House declared an “unwavering support” for Guyana and its sovereignty, while also seeking a peaceful resolution to this territorial dispute. As Maduro continually ignores diplomatic advances and orders by the International Court of Justice, it becomes ever clear that he desires the Essequibo territory. As military forces mount around the border, the U.S. intends to conduct flight operations in the region.

Armenians Displaced by Azerbaijani Forces

On Sept. 19, 2023, Azerbaijani forces launched a large assault in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, killing dozens and displacing tens of thousands in an attempt to push the Armenian majority out of the region. Armenians inhabit this area because of Soviet authority declaring an Armenian-majority autonomous oblast (region) in 1923, due to the overwhelming 94% Armenian population.

Historically, Armenia has maintained a strong relationship with Russia, but with the recent Azerbaijani offensive, the nation finds itself at odds with its former ally. Azerbaijan’s military action is supported by not only Russia, but also Turkey, a member of NATO. However, the U.S. has placed its support with Armenia.

China to Invade Taiwan

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made evident his desire to reclaim Taiwan. Xi views Taiwan as a Chinese province, not a legitimate nation, and is willing to claim the territory through force. Some speculate this potential invasion will occur between 2027 and 2050, but some U.S. officials believe it could happen as soon as 2024.

For now, there isn’t much to back up any current claims of an invasion occurring, but with the Chinese economy bottoming out quickly, Xi may find it best to postpone any invasion attempts. Regardless, the U.S. has made its stance to support Taiwan crystal clear.

Iran and its Fostered Extremists Versus the World

As the Israeli military mounts its assaults against Hamas, Iran is slowly pulled into the fray. Hamas is a small player in Iran’s arsenal. Some other, larger militant forces in Iran’s roster are Fatmiyoun, Zainebiyoun, the Assad Regime in Syria, and Hezbollah, who all share a similar anti-West mission statement. While Israeli forces are occupied with Hamas, the threat of Hezbollah launching an offensive along the northern Israeli-Lebanon border grows larger.

As these forces receive funding and support from Iran, if a larger escalation occurs, the U.S. and its allies may intervene. The United Arab Emirates supports Israel and the U.S., as does Egypt and Jordan. Saudi Arabia is working to formally recognize Israel’s independence, but unless that happens, it is unlikely that Saudi forces will aid in a potential war, despite being an ally of the U.S.

As small wars and altercations plague various corners of the world, many worry about a third world war. It is far from certain to say whether one will occur; some say it is “unlikely,” but the possibility remains. Should we fear this looming possibility? Not necessarily, but it certainly helps to understand these global issues to help prepare us for when things escalate.

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    Linda FletcherFeb 2, 2024 at 10:12 AM

    THANK YOU for informing me of these important events! So, Why DOESN’T the main stream media think these important enough to broadcast?