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Matthew Gresham
(from left to right) Seniors Jaden Steger, Riley Brown, Alex Wiese, and Matthew Gresham get ready to watch Madame Web during the February Senior Trip to the Alamo. Photo courtesy of Matt Gresham.

Dear Juniors…

We’re getting to the time of the year where school is starting to end. Seniors are looking at graduation, college, and becoming adults. Juniors are looking at their senior year and realizing they will have to grapple with the fact that this is their last year of high school.

As a senior myself, there are some things that I wish that I had known before becoming a senior. So here’s a letter from a graduating senior to the junior class with all the tips and tricks from a member of the class of 2024.

Think Carefully About Classes
The first thing that I would have liked to know going into my senior year is what classes I should have taken. Currently, I am taking a mix of core classes (English, Science, Math, Social Studies) and elective classes (CTE classes, music, foreign language, Journalism). I’d say that if you don’t need specific classes (or the credits) to graduate, do not take them. Let your senior year be a relaxing one. However, if you want to knock out college credits while still in high school, what should you take?

“[Piedmont Virginia Community College classes], because you don’t have to take an AP exam,” said FCHS senior Karsyn Botkin.

I have only taken PVCC classes, but listening to what friends have said, I am glad that I didn’t take AP classes, because getting college credit for them is not a given, and those AP tests have made some friends cry.

On the elective side, there are some CTE classes that I would definitely recommend. One is David Small’s TV Production class, which is one of the most fun classes I’ve taken. You get to film, edit, and learn the basics of filmmaking, all while helping out with the “In The Know” broadcast. I would also recommend that students take at least one of the engineering classes. I haven’t gotten the chance to take another one since I was in 8th gradel, but the Intro to Engineering class was extremely fun, and we got to do many projects involving hands-on engineering.
Senior Alex Wiese’s advice to juniors is “Take the easy stuff.” He notes that Agriculture teacher Russell Jennings and CTE teacher Christine Kreitzman have some good classes he’s enjoyed taking.

Go on Those Senior Trips
Another thing that juniors should know is that seniors have a lot of field trip opportunities. This year, the senior class went to watch “Creed III” in the fall and “Madame Web” in February at the Alamo. They also took a trip to DriveShack in November and are going to Baltimore in May. These trips are a huge part of one’s senior year. I went on the “Madame Web” movie theater trip and am going on the trip to Baltimore. Even though I didn’t enjoy “Madame Web,” I had a blast getting to see a movie with friends instead of being in class.

Keep in mind that these trips do cost money ($25 each for the Alamo trips, $40 for the DriveShack trip, and over $100 for the Baltimore trip), so you may want to save money from a summer job or find a way to get some extra money to pay for the trips. But they’re worth it.

Don’t Skip Traditional Activites
Sure, you may say “why bother?” but you only go through high school once, so do go to your final Homecoming and Prom dances. Let’s face it, you can have fun whether you go with a date or with friends. Also, go to as many football games as you can. I was lucky enough to film for a good portion of the home games, and I even went to the game at Liberty Christian Academy to film the Flucos in the regional playoffs.

Finally, be sure to attend as many senior events as possible, such as Senior Sunrise, Senior Sunset, Decision Day, the Senior Parade at Lake Monticello, the Senior Walk, and the Senior Picnic. These events cost less (or nothing) than the senior trips, and they are great ways to hang out with your friends and experience senior events without breaking the bank. Again, it’s easy to say “why bother?” but those opportunities won’t come around again.

Just like that, and before you know it, graduation will be upon you. I still can’t believe graduation is about a month away. I hope you take this advice and run with it. When it comes to your final year of high school, do not waste it.

Matt Gresham ‘24

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