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What’s After “Goodbye”?

Soon, members of the class of 2024 may never walk the halls of Fluvanna County High School again. With our departure, FCHS will be changing a few things, specifically rules.

I’m sure most seniors are no stranger to the recent Wi-Fi cutoff that took place on March 7. The district cut off the public Wi-Fi in classrooms due to apparent technological issues and students getting distracted frequently with phones. This action set students, but mostly seniors, ablaze. Myself and others in my graduating class complained “Why do this now right towards the end of the year, and what’s the point?”

That simple act opened up more questions for seniors: What more will change when we’re gone? I have my own theories and possible conclusions. I think Admin will change the final exam policy, making it near impossible to be exempt from final exams. There’s been talk that they’ll change the policy where students’ excused absences will no longer count towards exemption.

Personally, I think that’s a bit crazy. How in the world are they going to expect students to not miss a single day of school? Students get ill, have family emergencies, and other absence-excusable situations all the time. These things are inevitable and are hard to avoid.

Other seniors have their own opinions on what they think will change.

“I most definitely think there won’t be another senior assassin next year. We got such a negative response from Admin that it definitely won’t happen again,” said senior Matthew Gresham, talking about the meeting that was held April 18 that canceled the silly game due to it sending the wrong message and students bringing water guns on campus. Keep in mind that it was never a school-sanctioned activity in the first place.

Meanwhile, senior Gabrielle “ Brie” Ashnafi believes the school will become a bit more strict about everything.

“I think the staff and Admin will get more strict about a lot of things, not just the Wi-Fi. They’ll most definitely maybe get strict about pep rallies, dances, final exam exemptions and other things,” she states.

I can’t help but find myself agreeing with this statement. We’ve had so many fights and other dramas throughout this year that they’ve resulted in negative consequences for the whole student body, such as when last year’s winter pep rally was canceled due to some students vandalizing the bathrooms. Unfortunately, maybe the only way to control the chaos is to get more serious about consequences.

“I for sure believe the school should probably get more strict. I mean, we get pretty rowdy at times. But it won’t matter to me much since we’re about to leave,” said senior Mason Trull.

Maybe these opinions might be spoken into existence once we’re gone or maybe they won’t. Who knows? Perhaps they’ll keep everything the same, but add just a few tweaks here and there. It’s unfortunate that the class of ‘24 won’t get to see these possible changes…unless you have an underclassmen bestie who can keep you updated if you so desire.

So to the underclassmen I’ll say this: Good luck and farewell.

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