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Screenshot of TikTok search results of “taylor swift and travis kelce.” Image created by Fluco Journalism.

Swift & Kelce: Who’s Helping Who?

Has Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map? This is a question that has gotten many football fans riled up. Travis Kelce is a well-known tight end who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. During one of Kelce’s games, Swift was spotted in the luxury suite sitting with Kelce’s mom, Donna Kelce. After this appearance, many fans started spiraling and posting every bit of information trying to find out what is going on between Kelce and Swift.

Once fans found out that the two were dating, many people started posting videos of themselves recording a friend or partner without their knowledge. While discreetly filming, these people would ask the friend if Swift put Kelce on the map. In many cases, the result was that the friend immediately began ranting about how Kelce has been one of the best tight ends long before Swift entered the picture.

Now, this social media trend has blown up and even caught the attention of Swift and Kelce themselves. Kelce has responded to these trends several times on a podcast he runs with his brothers. Some couples even used this trend as the source for their Halloween cosotumes.

As USA Today described one video recently, “A man dressed up as Swift and a woman walked in with a map. The group with them was very confused, and then she [had] Taylor put a photo of Kelce on the map.”

Many Kansas City Chief fans have noticed that since Swift has been appearing at Kelce’s games, she has been earning a lot of screen time. “Swift made nine appearances during [one] three-hour broadcast, totaling a minute and 21 seconds of screen time. Seven of those appearances were paired with shots of Travis Kelce,” stated CBS News.

Now, Swift fans are filming Chief games and tallying up how many times Swift appears on the screen. “I think it is amazing that Taylor Swift gets screen time. This can help bring more viewers to the NFL,” said junior Abigail Papaconstantinou.

However, some Chief fans have grown irritated with Swift’s appearances. “I don’t see the point in showing Taylor Swift on the screen so many times. It just becomes so excessive,” said junior Gracie Bossieux. Fans like Bossieux appear to hope that this Swift phase will pass soon, so they get focus on the game rather than on hearing about Swift and Kelce’s relationship.

So who put who on the map? With the number of Swift fans possibly outnumbering Kelce fans, it may be more likely that Swift raised Kelce’s prominence, rather than the other way round, especially since it’s arguable that many of Swift’s fans have never indulged in football before.

In the end, does it really matter, especially when Swift’s dating history makes it likely that the relationship won’t last? If history is any guide, it’s just a matter of time until Kelce is just one more ex inspiring her next song.

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