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  • November 29The Counseling department is holding a Lunch and Learn workshop Wed. Dec. 6 about managing anxiety. Email [email protected] for details.
  • November 29Blue Ridge Virginia Governor's School applications are due Fri. Dec. 8.
  • November 20Auditions for the spring play, Alice in Wonderland, start Dec. 4. See Mr. Edgerton or Ms. Coleman for more information.
  • November 20Seniors! Jostens will be at lunches on Tues. Dec. 5 as a make-up order day for graduation items.
  • November 20Allison Monfalcone received a "Best Actor" award and Kyle Landes received an Honorable Mention at the One Act Regionals Competition on Nov. 18.
The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

The Student News Site of Fluvanna County High School

The Fluco Beat

Madeline Hamel
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Is Halloween Overrated?

Is Halloween a Trick or a Treat?

Every year, millions of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween. Some visit haunted houses or scare fests, others dress up and trick or treat, and some simply buy their own candy and watch horror movies. According to the National Retail Federation, around $12 billion is spent on those festivities. In 2022 about $10.6 billion was spent, meaning that the money spent has increased greatly in just one year.

However, not everyone feels that all this Halloween spending is worth it. On one hand, Halloween is a holiday that can be enjoyed by many. Children of all ages look forward to getting to dress up and the reward of heaps of candy. On the other hand, costumes cost money, and if you make your own it’ll take time that could be spent doing something more productive. Plus, candy prices are increasing as well.

“I think Halloween is worth the excitement. It’s always fun to see people’s costumes, and it’s literally free candy for dressing up. Who wouldn’t like that?” said sophomore Emma Sample. Emma is a part of the approximately 70% of Americans who celebrate Halloween annually. “I probably spend the whole month getting ready because my family is slow and we like to do things little by little. I spend probably around $100 for candy, a costume, and some small decorations.” Emma explained.

Many people think that’s a reasonable amount of effort to expend for this holiday celebration. “I would say I spend a reasonable amount of time preparing for Halloween. I start getting Halloween decorations up at the beginning of October,” said sophomore Noah Day. “This year my money was spent mainly on buying decorations for my room and buying candy. In total, it would probably be like $30-$45,” Day continued.

On the other hand, some students, such as sophomore Ellie Garrett, don’t do anything specific before Halloween arrives. “I don’t spend much time getting ready for Halloween because I just don’t really worry about it,” said Garrett, who also noted that she doesn’t put any money into Halloween activities either. “I think whether or not Halloween is overrated depends. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. But I say that it’s worth it sometimes because you can be anything or anyone you want.” she explained. “I like it, but I never have any time to celebrate it,” she added.

For others, the hustle and bustle of the Halloween season has faded with age. “I prepare only like a day or two in advance at the most. It’s gotten less the older I’ve gotten,” said senior Joshua Harris. Instead of going trick or treating or buying lots of candy, Harris waits to buy the discounted candy after the holiday is over. “I think Halloween makes the start of winter less miserable. It’s a fun way to kick off the holiday season,” said Harris. The anticipation and enthusiasm for Halloween isn’t going anywhere, it’s up to you to decide if you’ll go with the flow or stand on your own.

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