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River McMillian
Sophomore Maddy Hamel listening to Zach Bryan’s new album. Photo courtesy of River McMillian

Is Zach Bryan Worth the Listen?

Between his rustic country style, his concerts across the US, and his genuine love for fans, Zach Bryan is just the right man to be getting famous.

Zach Bryan released his first song “Sunday Flannel” in 2016. However, he became most popular when he released the song “Something in the Orange” in 2022. His fame continues to increase on a daily basis and his fans show true dedication. His music consists of meaningful lyrics that convey raw and relatable emotions. Whether it’s a love song, breakup song, or one about hardships and life, there is surely a Zach Bryan song that you can relate to.

I have always used music as an escape from reality or my problems. Listening to music relating to a situation I’m dealing with helps ease my overall mood. Bryan’s lyrics and the stories expressed in his music have been a comforting source throughout my life. Most country artists nowadays base their music on fake accents, typical country stereotypes, and beats or music that resemble pop music more than country. But Bryan’s lyrics and instrumental music make the perfect combo for country music that anyone can vibe to.

Bryan is big in Fluvanna and many students rave over him. Living in a rural area leaves many people wanting to submerge themselves in the country/folk lifestyle.

“I was introduced to Zach Bryan’s music while working at a summer camp, and his music really fit the outdoorsy vibe of the whole experience,”said FCHS sophomore Maddy Hamel. She added, “[he] has a very great discography. His songs have amazing lyrics with meaning behind them,”

Although Bryan’s music is filled with talent, some people have a hard time separating his personal life from his songs. There have been rumors and allegations of him cheating and treating his past relationships poorly. Some think this makes him a bad person and that his music shouldn’t be praised after actions like these.

However, everybody makes mistakes, famous or not, so I think it’s important to keep an artist’s music and personal actions separate. Even if he’s messed up, his music is still worthy of listening to. Bad choices don’t equal bad people.

Along with fitting a certain aesthetic, Bryan’s music helps people deal with their own real-life problems. If I’m ever going through something difficult, or even positive, I resort to Zach Bryan’s songs because I know it will help me gain a better perspective on situations.

Overall, Bryan has a genuine passion and soul that nobody can call substandard. His career is nothing but well-deserved and everybody should give his music a shot. With lyrics attentive to detail and a genuine love for his fans, Zach Bryan deserves all the hype.

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