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March Madness for Dummies

If you’ve heard the term “March Madness,” but you’re not a sports fan and you want to be able to at least somewhat knowledgeably join into conversations with basketball fans this month, here’s what you need to know.

The annual college basketball tournament, known as “March Madness,” will begin March 17 with Selection Sunday, the day both men’s and women’s teams are picked to play in the tournament. The tournament then starts with the men’s “First Four” game taking place on March 19-20.

The “First Four” games are when the last four teams to have been selected play two games to see which two teams enter the tournament as a 16th seed (the lowest possible seed you can be in your region). These games lead into the first official round of the tournament.

The first round games take place between March 21 and March 22, with the previously mentioned 16th seed team playing the number one seed in the same region. Other games are played between different seeds. For example, in 2021’s tournament the fourth seed Virginia Cavaliers played the 13th seed Ohio University Bobcats, while the 7th seed University of Connecticut Huskies played the 10th seed University of Maryland Terrapins.

After the first round, teams that have won their games move on to the second round, which is taking place from March 23 to March 24 this year. The format for the tournament stays the same until the end, with winners of games moving on until the championship game. After the second round is the Sweet Sixteen which takes place on March 28-29, followed by the Elite Eight on March 30-31, the Final Four on April 6, and finally, the championship game on April 8. The women’s championship game takes place on April 7, with the other women’s games taking place a day after the men’s.

What do Flucos predict for this year’s March Madness?
“I am hoping that Virginia Tech will make it to March Madness this year because they have never won a national championship. But I think that either Duke or Tennessee will win,” said junior Zach Luniewski.

As for freshman Chase LaRochelle, he’s hoping for a different outcome. “I hope that Virginia wins this year,” he said.

A number of FCHS staff members are showing their excitement for March Madness by participating in a “March Madness Souper Potluck” event on March 22 where staff members will make and share soups named in honor of their team pick. Among the options are Art teacher Mike Morris’ “HOOs en Fuego” white chicken chili, and Margie Brown’s “UVA is Souper” cream of tomato soup.

Fans can watch the tournament on CBS, TBS, TNT, and truTV. The women’s tournament will be available to watch on ESPN. Games are also available to watch on NCAA March Madness Live on the NCAA website.

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