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Maddi Owen
Barnett recording for his podcast, BeAnAthlete.

Be-An-Athlete With Barnett

As of Sept. 2023, there are over 3 million podcasts worldwide. Joining them is a podcast by FCHS teacher and coach Jason Barnett. Called “BeAnAthlete,” Barnett’s podcast focuses on all things sport-related at FCHS.

Barnett didn’t spontaneously decide to start his podcast. It started during COVID-19 when, in an effort to keep busy, Barnett joined with his sister-in-law to create podcast that focuses on a broad range of topics. Little did Barnett know that this podcast would serve as the inspiration for BeAnAthlete.

“That [podcast] was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. It also helped me set up how I wanted this one to sound and feel. That podcast is probably the reason I started [BeAnAthlete],” said Barnett.

Why a podcast about Fluvanna sports? “I have always felt we, as a community, can always improve our communication. This was a chance to do that for our athletic department. It can also help highlight what our students are accomplishing,” said Barnett. “But, a little selfishly, I want to be an athletic director one day, and I thought this would be a good way to get my thoughts out for others to better understand expectations if I was ever in that position, and at the same time promote our student-athletes,” he added.

Part of Barnett’s goal is to showcase the athletic department at Fluvanna as much as possible. “I know there are a lot of questions [about Fluco sports], and often people just skip over us here in the athletic department and go to someone else who may not have the answer. I’d like to be the one-stop shop for the answers to your questions, or questions you didn’t even know you had,” said Barnett.

He added that he wants BeAnAthlete to also be a source inspiration for coaches, players, and Flucos. For example, one of his podcasts talks about how coaches and players can prepare themselves for the upcoming sports season, while others focus on tips and facts regarding tryouts, pre-season workouts, and how athletes can find a team that best fits them. One of Barnetts’ many goals is to have all athletes and coaches feeling confident going into their seasons.

Barnett has many outcomes he’s working towards with BeAnAthlete. “I’d like for this to become something that [athletic directors], coaches, players, parents, athletic departments, and communities can listen to and give some thought to these broad ideas that are usually points of concern within almost every high school in the state,” he explained.

He has already started to get a glimpse of achievement with this goal. A former VHSL (Virginia High School League) president re-posted Barrett’s most recent episode with principal Margo Bruce and shared that it was a great listen for understanding the correlation between a positive school year and a positive start in athletes. This shoutout has given Barnett confidence his podcast will grow even more.

Barnett says he is opening up his podcast to new things, like interviewing coaches and members of Fluvanna sports. Recent topics including interviewing Field Hockey Coach Jennifer Payne, Varsity Football Coach Mitchell Pace, FCHS Principal Margo Bruce, Athletic Trainer Tyler Golden, and three members of the Fluvanna Fluco club.

“I’m trying to encompass as much as I can that involves our athletic department. I plan on making a few episodes later on in the year that will speak directly to the community and families who have questions and concerns with what we do in the athletic department,” said Barnett. He hopes to get into interviewing student athletes and coaches in hopes of allowing them to highlight the good they are seeing at FCHS.

You can find the BeAnAthlete podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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