How To Find The Perfect Dog Bed

If you’re a dog parent, you know that you would do anything for your fur babies. You might even give up your own sleeping space if you had to. Thankfully, you can purchase an enormous array of beds for your pet so that you don’t have to give up your own bed. Just like you, dogs need a perfect place to sleep, and you should spend some time trying to find the bed that’s right for them.

In searching for a perfect dog bed, these things are important to look for: size/shape, color, durability, cost, and washability.

If the bed is too small for a large dog, they may be uncomfortable, or may not even use it at all, so you want to be sure to size it appropriately. You may think that shape may not be that important to the dog, but if you see your dog curled up in a ball when it’s sleeping, it may prefer a round bed to snuggle into. Or if you see your dog stretched out when sleeping, they may need a large, flatbed. When asked about his dog’s beds Sophomore Drew Cavanaugh says. “They’re pretty thick and look comfortable.”
When researching the size and shape you need, you can go online and find websites such as or where you can search for your dog breed, and it will recommend the proper bed size for your dog.

The color of the bed probably doesn’t really matter to your dog as much as it does to you. If your dog will be sleeping in your living room or a family room area where others may be visiting, you may want it to match your decor or your furniture in your house.

Another thing to consider with color is how well it will hide any dirt. You can almost find any color you want, but the darker colors will hide the dirt better. If you don’t care about dirt, there are a wide variety of different patterns to choose from. If you don’t mind spending more, you can even get your dog’s name embroidered on the bed or their picture put onto the dog bed on websites such as and

Cost and Durability
You can buy dog beds in most local box stores, pet stores, and online. Costs vary depending on the size, the brand, the quality, and the material. Smaller beds will typically cost less than bigger beds, unless you get a name brand or if you personalize it as described above. According to” dog bed costs on the average run from $50-$200 per year, so good quality, the durable bed will last longer than a year and may cost you less money in the end. “My mom buys new dog beds every two years,” said Cavanaugh.

Less durable beds will often compress and not be as comfortable for your dog and you may find yourself purchasing another one sooner than you planned which in the long run will cost you more. Reviews of the products on websites such as Amazon and Chewy should be able to give you an idea of their durability.

Washability is as important as the rest. Dogs can be messy, and puppies and older dogs sometimes have accidents. Before you buy a dog bed, it is important to check to see if the bed has a removable cover. If the cover is not removable, and you will be faced with washing the whole bed, try to wait for it to dry before your dog can use it.

“My mom will take the beds apart and wash them every few months or so,” said Cavanagh. If a dog bed has a washable cover and your pet makes a mess or has an accident in the bed, you can remove the cover, wash, and dry it, giving them a fresh, clean bed.

More things to consider
While trying to find their perfect bed you also want to consider your pet’s safety. According to, you should make sure that your dog bed is made from non-toxic materials. These materials used to make the bed stain and fire-resistant can irritate a dog’s skin. In addition, if your dog is a chewer it would be toxic if eaten. Another safety issue is the bed sliding when the dog attempts to lay in it. Look for a bed with a non-skid material on the bottom. Of course, the bed is for their comfort, so if the bed will be in a cold area you may want to elevate it or find an insulated bed or if the dog is hot-natured, they even have cooling beds.

Purchasing your fur babies a new bed takes some time and there are a lot of things to consider, but in the end, seeing them content and comfortable in their bed will make it all worth it.