Bank Heist


Photo courtesy of Pexels

Ethan Vernatter, FCHS Journalist

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A cold wind followed the disgruntled man through the open door. The man’s dark eyes, like the wind, held an icy menace as he scanned the bank’s foyer for his partners. He wore a well-tailored grey jacket over a white, button-up shirt. In similar fashion, his partners–strategically positioned around the room–also wore suits. With his salt and pepper hair, the man seemed like a business man such as a CEO or stockbroker. This disposition made him look the part of leader compared to younger and slightly more disheveled partners.

“Excuse me, sir, can I help you?” came the voice of a bank employee.

“Why, yes,” the man in the grey suit replied as he pulled out a gun and shot the man square in the chest.

Three weeks earlier, instead of murdering a man, Gray had been standing next to a large table in an abandoned warehouse. Two of his three partners listened intently has he laid out the plan he had meticulously put together. Everything from the code names by color, personnel, timing, equipment, every single detail, Gray had thought of.

“Red, you’ll be the first inside. Once there, stand in line and wait to get to the front,” Gray called out to the group as the man in the red suit nodded his assurance.

“When you see me enter, hit the EMP. This way the tellers won’t be able to set of the silent alarm for thirty seconds. Blue, you’ll still have to get them away from the alarm because the alarm will will still be functional after the EMP wears off” The man in the blue suit looked to Red and mumbled, “Perfect.”

“Finally, Black will be our man on the inside.” As Gray finished speaking, it was clear that Red and Blue were unsettled by something.

“Yeah? and what exactly is Black going to be doing?” Blue grumbled to Gray.

“Black will be taking out a few guards before lead starts to fly, as well as getting our extra equipment inside.” Gray looked to Blue, daring him to probe further into his perfect plan.

Blue stared uneasily at Gray, wanting to argue, but scared of Gray’s reputation. Gray broke Blue’s gaze. “I’ve worked with Black before. You can trust them. They have the hardest job, and that’s by design. They can get the job done.” Blue grumbled to himself, “Yeah, ok.”

“Moving on, what are we talking–you know, pay-wise?” Red said as the tension began to clear.

“I’m glad you asked. Five million dollars. Each.” As Gray’s words escaped his lips, his two partners began to grow a pair of incredibly large grins.

“That’s all I needed to hear.” Red said through his toothy smile.

The woman was like a viper in many ways. She held an elegance and grace, while also proving to be incredibly deadly, a fact she proved as she wrapped a garrote wire along the neck of guard with the finesse of a snake. She took a moment after the man fell limp to straighten out her black suit and Ray-bans. She had already placed the equipment bag in the drop zone. Now all she had to do was wait for Gray’s team to catch up.

Screams echoed inside the bank after Gray shot the employee. However, the petrified customers and employees quickly calmed down after a few warning shots were directed upwards. Blue looked over to Gray with his thumb pointed upwards, showing that all the tellers were accounted for.

“Perfect. Start tying them up and put them against the windows,” Gray barked out to his henchmen. He knew, even with the silent alarm taken care of, it would not take long for someone from outside to call the police.

Black heard the shots resonate throughout the bank as she exited the building, locking the doors behind her. Hurriedly, but calmly, she walked towards a black SUV and turned on the engine. Now she only had to wait.

Red found the equipment bag just where it was supposed to be. He didn’t know who this Black was, but Red could tell Black was highly-skilled. Several guards being taken out by one person, and without alerting anyone of the security breach, that was impressive. Red took out the high-powered laser from the equipment bag Black had left and began to use it to cut an opening into the vault. Now, for five minutes, he only had to wait.

Blue had made his way into the surveillance room–his next step to erase all of today’s footage from existence. For your run-of-the-mill crook, this would have been a hard task. However, Blue had once been looked at by the top computer science colleges in the nation. Funny, how getting in trouble with the law a few times could change all of that. In short order, Blue had collected all of the files from the day, but it would take some time to process. Now he only had to wait.

Grey had waited. Now, it was time to move.The vault was open with Red and Blue already inside collecting the cash. Grey grabbed his own bag and began rapidly stuffing bills inside it, his greed evident in his eager eyes.

Six minutes after Black heard the first gun shot, the trio came out door and climbed into the SUV.

“Your timing is impeccable as always, Grey,” Black smirked to her long-term partner.

“It always is,” Grey shot back, grinning. Grey was the first in the car with his bag of cash sitting fat in his lap. Red and Blue hopped in a moment later, only to be shot with the last two bullets in Grey’s gun.

“Ok, sweetheart, let’s get out of here,” Grey echoed as the gunshot lingered within the car.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Black replied before giving a kiss to her lover.