He’d been lying here for hours,
Willing his unwilling eyes to shut,
To drown out the light that was
Beginning to flood
Through his thin curtains
Like a tidal wave of agony.

He dreaded the sun,
Dreaded the moment that
His alarm clock would inevitably ring
And he would have to leave
The sweet torture
Of the large duvet.

It only caused anger
Deep inside his soul,
And yet all he wanted to do
Was to sink back into it,
Wrap himself in its layers,
And fall asleep.

But sleep hadn’t bothered
To knock on his door
In many months,
And his hope drained
From him like bathwater.

A heavy gale had swept it away and
Carried it wherever winds go.

Eerie was the night
Without even the back of his eyelids
To give him solace.

Rest never came,
And still it never left.

It hovered all around him;
It was a ghost lurking
Behind his tired eyes.