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How WIN is Affecting the Day

As usual, many things have changed this school year, including the bell schedule, and students and faculty alike have had many things to say about the changes.

Fluco WIN was introduced as a 30-minute study hall period intended to help students catch up on classes and finish homework, although some students have primarily been using it to get some extra sleep. Because of this new addition, all other classes are shorter than in previous years. Students now end their day at 3:29, as opposed to 3:40.

With the addition of Fluco WIN has come mixed reactions, with some loving the extra time and others feeling like the day takes longer.

“I like the idea, but I think as of right now, it will eventually start hurting students, especially student drivers who arrive at school late,” said FCHS English teacher Justin Boucher. With Fluco WIN counting towards students’ attendance, arriving late can hurt in more ways than one.

On the plus side, Fluco WIN does allow for students to ask further questions and better understand teachers’ lessons.

“I actually like Fluco WIN, though sometimes it can be confusing trying to figure out what class to go to in the morning. I like being able to talk more with my teachers and catch up on assignments,” said sophomore Dani Scott.

With the introduction of Fluco WIN, all other classes had to be shortened to provide for those thirty minutes of the new study period, much to the chagrin of some teachers.

“There’s also the issue of cutting classes shorter, which could eventually lead to teachers having to cut off pieces of important curriculum,” said English teacher Amy Bower.

Shorter classes may seem like a dream for most students, but some disagree. “I like the idea of Fluco WIN, but it makes the day feel long. Especially on Mondays where we have to stay in the first block for over two hours,” said sophomore Megan Drumheller.

With all the new bell changes, one of the most popular ones has been students getting out of school 11 minutes early. These extra minutes have allowed athletes to prepare better for important games, get ready for practice, or have a little down time as many practices don’t start until 4 o’clock. Also, student drivers are able to get to their cars faster and leave much sooner than previous years.

While the new schedule has many opposing views, students are slowly getting used to it, with perhaps the biggest challenge being remembering where to do each morning, as the Fluco WIN location varies by class block depending on the day. Next up with be getting students used to having Clubs during Fluco Win on Wednesday mornings, starting Sept. 13.

Students should check their emails for an email from Instructional Tech Kristen Davis which explains the process for signing up for a club. Questions about the club sign up process can be directed to [email protected].

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