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Savannah Morris
Students enjoy the first home football game student section in the end zone in years. Photo courtesy of Savannah Morris.

Fluco Fans Take to the Field, But Will it Last?

When you think of high school football games, you tend to have the big crowds and Friday night lights pop into your head, right? Good, because as of this year Fluvanna County High School has improved their school spirit by a long shot. The student section has moved from the blank and crowded stands into the end zone. There are pros and cons with both sections, but it comes down to which one the student body prefers, and so far, the new location seems to be a hit among students.

Although we’ve had the section on the bleachers for years, it was once before located at the end zone. Varsity Football Coach Mitchell Pace said that he moved the student section this year because students tend to be more involved in the end zone.

“I do feel that since they are closer to the action, and more involved. Having their own space separate from the regular bleachers was meant to establish a sense of ownership and pride in participation,” Pace said.

Senior Finley Eichler, one of the student section leaders, has mixed emotions about the move. “Now I think it’s in a better spot. At first I was skeptical about it moving, but it’s better since it’s closer to the team,” she said.

Eichler said she loves being a student section leader because she is able to partake in school spirit on another level and get the student body’s energy up. She throws out chants and spirit-building concepts to get students engaged. She feels that this and the new location helps make students more involved with the players, feel as if they are their own community, and want to support their school with pride.

Although the new Fluco fan location has many positives, there are also some downsides.

“I am not married to the idea of the end zone,” said Pace. “If students like it better in the bleachers, then that’s fine by me. I know the sound from announcements is not great, the contact with the cheerleaders isn’t easy, and the fans miss their connection with the students. I’m open to ideas,” he added.

While the new fan zone means students get their own section away from the crowd and closer to the game, this means students are spread out along the entire lineup across the front line of the end zone, and the bleachers there are small. This has led to a long line of students at the front of the section, which also means that when the leaders attempt to start chants, the other side is unable to follow along. Even though they have megaphones, the leaders are still having trouble reaching their peers.

In addition, the cheerleaders are not in front of the students, which is unfortunate because prior to the move, they began most of the chants. However, when the cheerleaders do come over to the student section, which averages once or twice every game, the students roar and hype them up more than before. If there is a touchdown near the student section, the players are able to run right by them, get involved with the students, and give them high fives, leading to a good time for everyone.

Overall, the new student involvement and popularity appears to have had some role in increasing ticket sales, improving school spirit, and helping intimidate the other team. Still, only time will tell if having Flucos on the field is something which survives into the future.

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