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Fluco on the Street Wraps Up First Season

May 16, 2023

On Jan. 23, FlucoTV aired the first of what would end up becoming a staple series on the student news program In The Know. Called Fluco On The Street, it involves junior hosts Jamie Rodriguez and Tyler DeGregory going around the school and asking students questions such as “What’s your biggest red flag?” and “What is your biggest fear?” There have been dozens of episodes, and dozens of responses.

This segment probably did not start the way viewers might think. The group didn’t just pick up a camera, microphone, and start asking questions. “Me and Litzy Torres needed to film something, so we just copied questions we found on TikTok,” said Rodriguez.

How do they come up with the questions? “We usually just kind of blurt out random questions till we find one we like. Sometimes we will think of school events or holidays coming up and make a question around that,” said main cameraman Caleb Kimble ’23.

The team then roams the halls during 1st block to look for students to interview. “We typically ask them if they want to be asked a question on the video for Fluco on the Street and most people say yes. If they say no, it’s not a big deal, we just find new people,” said Kimble.

The method that the team uses can pose some difficulty. “The hardest part about filming is trying to get unique people in each episode. When you just walk through the hallways you tend to see the same few people outside of their classrooms each time,” said Rodriguez.

Kimble agreed. “The hardest part is probably coming up with the questions and actually finding people in the halls because some days they’re really empty,” said Kimble.

While a challenging segment at times to produce, it does have its fun moments. “My favorite part about filming Fluco on the Street is that I’m the camera operator and I get to capture all the funny moments that get put on the show,” said Kimble.

Rodriguez agreed, saying “It’s really fun to film. Most of it gets cut out of episodes, but if you were to watch all the outtakes, we spend a lot of time laughing and joking around. It’s also just great to be able to walk around and hang out with Tyler [DeGregory] and Caleb. My favorite part of each episode is actually the beginning and the end. We put a lot more thought into each intro and outro than you would think.”

“Tyler does a majority of the editing,” Rodriguez added. “He likes each episode to look and flow in a very particular way. I’m mostly just another set of eyes. One thing that I do have a say in is censoring. People like to answer our questions with very out of pocket things, but to be aired on ITK we need to keep our show PG. Tyler and I have very different ideas as to what counts as PG. My idea falls more in line with what [teacher David] Small allows to be aired, meaning I typically need to go back behind Tyler and edit out jokes we cannot air,” she explained.

The segment has aired a total of 10 episodes in its first season on In the Know. There are current plans for a second season with the two anchors returning to deliver more opinions to viewers.

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