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FCHS Unveils its New Breakfast Cart

February 28, 2019


FCHS Journalism

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Skipping breakfast to make sure you get ready in time or bypassing the breakfast line to socialize with your friends is a bad idea. “I talk to my friends instead of getting breakfast,” said sophomore Pharaoh Harris. If you don’t eat breakfast, you aren’t getting enough calories and you won’t be full throughout the day.  A breakfast cart is a great way to grab something quick to eat if you’re running late or just don’t have time to wait around.

With the help of Gwendolyn Jones, Food Service Supervisor, and Sheri Casero, Fluvanna installed a breakfast cart in hopes that students will take advantage of the convenience and eat breakfast. “Mrs. Jones applied and got a grant for the cart and the computer needed to operate transactions. She’s been applying for the grant since last year, but the cart just started in January,” said Casero.

According to The Daily Meal, a survey conducted in 2015 suggested that only 47% of Americans eat breakfast daily. Low percentages like these make the lunch women want to try to get as many kids to eat breakfast as possible. “I don’t eat breakfast because I just don’t have enough time in the morning,” said sophomore Jah’Miere Clay. Eating breakfast sets the tone for the day and promotes weight maintenance by maintaining blood glucose levels and metabolism. “We’re hoping to get more kids to eat breakfast instead of socializing and forgetting about it,” said Casero.

As you’re entering school you may see a breakfast cart and wonder how you would go about getting breakfast. “You have the same number and requirements of a meal. It’s the same as if you were in the cafeteria,” said Casero. They set up the breakfast cart early in the morning with the help of four women, “I decide the menu, then three women set up the food properly because there are FDA guidelines to meet,” said Casero.

You might not think about buying food from the breakfast cart because you don’t like the food options. It may include the same options as if you were in the cafeteria, but soon there will be more options. “Were going to be adding parfaits with granola and fruits and coffee drinks. Also during national breakfast week, which is March 4-8, we’re going to be giving out certificates that let kids get one free breakfast meal,” said Casero. Hopefully this will pull more kids in to be open to trying breakfast.

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