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A Fine Festival

May 9, 2018

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This year’s FCHS Fine Arts Festival has come to an end, selling multiple pieces of art, and providing entertainment for many people.

The event spanned two days. On May 4 during the school day, students were able to review art submissions with their classes. Saturday, May 5 was an opportunity for members of the community to come and see what students in the school’s Art, Music, and Drama departments had accomplished.

Over 600 FCHS art students participated in the Fine Arts Festival, with each of them choosing one or more of their best art pieces from their time in class.

Students also had the ability to sell their artwork at the Fine Arts Festival. A total of 23 pieces were sold.

Michelle Coleman, an art teacher and the coordinator of the Fine Arts Festival, said “Students who had artwork purchased received 90% of the sale, and the art program received 10%.”

Mia Gonzalez and Reanna DeVarennes are two seniors who participated in the Fine Arts Festival and hope to pursue art as a career. 

Gonzalez has been doing professional art for about a year, so the Festival was nothing new to her. “I had a lot of pieces in the Festival, and sold all but two of them,” said Gonzalez. When asked about how she got into art, Gonzalez responded, “I got my inspiration from Adventure Time [an animated series on Cartoon Network], because I really liked the art style, which led to me creating my own art style.” Gonzalez plans to got to PVCC next year, and transfer to School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) to hone her art skills.  

In a similar fashion to Gonzalez, DeVarennes has also delved into professional art, since she was a freshman in high school, where she sold her first piece of art for $100. “I had three pieces in the festival, and I sold one of them.” When asked what first interested her in art, DeVarennes said “I got into art because it’s the first thing I remember doing; specifically, the coloring sheets you’d get at restaurants.” DeVarennes is going to the Ringling College of Art Design for a major in Computer Animation.

The Fine Arts Festival is an annual event in which all FCHS art students have the opportunity to participate alongside their regular art projects in class. Students also learn art history and have the ability to participate in independent studies in art classes.

For more information about the activities and events that happened at the Fine Arts Festival, go to https://theflucobeat.com/news/2018/04/30/10th-annual-fine-arts-festival/#photo

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