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The Impact Influencers Have On US

March 3, 2023

Social media is a massive part of today’s world, making it possible for some people to actually make a living as influencers. An influencer is someone with a platform that many people follow online or in person. They share their lifestyle and every aspect of their lives and often promote brands or products. The people who follow influencers tend to mimic what they do, changing their makeup routines, hair, or lifestyles to be like their favorite influencer. How can influencers impact so many millions by just talking and making a video?

Anyone can potentially influence others, whether by how they dress, or by their lifestyle, or their looks. Online Influencers make a living off of this fact by telling people online to do or say something in order to be like them.

Popular influencers include Alix Earle, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and the Mian twins (Aisha and Azra), but they are just a few of the many millions of influencers worldwide who have inspired new makeup looks, outfits, and mindsets.

Earle, for example, she also makes “get ready with me” (Videos showing a person getting ready for the day, putting on makeup,and building an outfit.) Tik Toks and posts her highlights in Miami and other places. To her 4.6 Million followers. Jenner, known for the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and “The Kardashians,” already had a big following at a young age. She is known for her lip products, which gross 036;500 million to 036;1 billion annually. Bella Hadid, along with her sister Gigi, is a model. Renowned for her fashion sense, she posts on Instagram the highlighting of her modeling shoots and oher events she attends. The Mian twins Aisha and Azra, also make “get ready with me” videos and have a Youtube channel that capitalizes on them being twins and having fun together.

Like other teens nationwide, many Fluvanna residents follow influencers.“My favorite influencer is Kim Kardashian. I love how she expresses herself with her style and how she is a trendsetter,” said Fluvanna resident Olivia Williams. “She inspires me to work hard and get things done, and she makes millions,” she added. Kardashian has made a big name for herself in many aspects of the world, including fashion and reality television, but also through her passion for righting the wrongs in the criminal system and helping people wrongfully accused of crimes they didn’t commit go free.

An influencer doesn’t have to post photos and videos online; they can simply be a well-known person who has starred in the media. “I like Patrick Mahomes. He was able to grow and work extremely hard to get to the Superbowl and be a quarterback for the Chiefs. He shows me to never give up and motivates me to keep practicing,” said Fluvanna resident Zack Johnson. Influencers tend to inspire people to work hard and believe what they want to achieve can happen if they want it badly enough. “Selena Gomez inspires me with her music and recently, with her beauty brand. She started her beauty brand as a Latina and that shows you don’t have to be white; you can be all colors and not be in the regular beauty standards,” said FCHS student Kaity Cortez.

Following influencers and adopting the habits of the people you see can also have negative effects, however. Mental health problems can arise when wanting to look and be like a person changes your view on yourself, possibly bringing on body dysmorphia, depression, and anxiety as your self image gets modified to make you want to look like someone else. Many people also don’t realize what you see online is not always factual; photos get Photoshopped, and a person’s illusion of happiness may be misleading. Having social media at a young age can especially harm the undeveloped mind with negative thoughts and images of never being “good enough.”.

Still, with so much potential money and fame at stake, many would love to become an influencer.To become one, targeting an audience and creating a brand is key. Choose a platform to start such as Instagram, Tik Tok, or Twitter. Think about who you want your audience to be: Do you want to reach the fashion and makeup world”? Sports fans? Political activists? Make content based on your audience that many people will look at and be willing to give a like or follow to. Once you get a good following make an image for yourself, One you think people will like. Find what is going to make people want to look at your page, and keep watching. A big thing influencers do is collaborate with other influencers or even brands to promote. Collaboration brings both communities together to look at both pages and watch.

Sure, the negative effects of social media and influencers are significant, but there are positive effects too. Influencers can Provide positive role models, give people direction, and be examples of how to treat others. Providing uplifting and motivating content that can help someone’s self image or mental state. Focus on making individuals feel good and recognized, provide valuable content, keep your face and name out there, and one day, you too may be known as an influencer.

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