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Above and Beyond Opportunities for Students

October 21, 2022

Being academically driven and having good grades is one positive trait to have as a student, but going above and beyond those expectations makes you a stand out. While only a minority of students have the motivation to go far beyond being studious in the classroom, FCHS offers a variety of clubs and organizations for students who wish to be more involved.

According to FCHS College Adviser Kalley Seitz, colleges are interested in more than just the standard student, “When looking at colleges, going above and beyond is expected in the classroom, but should also be carried into the extracurricular activities, hobbies, and passions a student might have. For example, most colleges use a holistic approach when reviewing applications. This means that grades/GPA are still important aspects of the application, but what a student is involved in outside of the classroom is just as crucial” she said. Although having great test scores and a high GPA does make you look good, to colleges it appears they also want well-rounded students who present themselves with involvement in extracurriculars. For example, being involved in a handful of clubs and having spectacular grades is more eye-catching to college admissions compared to being someone who only holds good grades with no community involvement.

Another option is to take advanced tracks or classes. PVCC Career Coach Lori Hoffman stated, “As far as students going above and beyond – I think that can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The obvious would be to earn an associates degree or one year certificate.” This allows students to not only get ahead of their college career, but it ends up being a huge money saver. Hoffman also similarly agrees with Seitz that students who are involved outside of school is a great way to go above and beyond. “I also love to see students going above and beyond in our community by volunteering or working at a local business. Students at FCHS can also go above and beyond by being active in their school by playing a sport, being involved in the performing arts, or a member of the Student Government Association ” Hoffman said.

In my experience of being a student who has always had high expectations for myself, FCHS has given me a variety of opportunities that have enhanced my education. I made the initiative to take classes year-round, work on earning my one-year certificate, and being a part of multiple extracurriculars. I am now in my senior year of high school and am graduating with both my advanced diploma and my one-year certificate. It also boosts me ahead in college as I will only have about a semester of courses until I earn my associates degree. As for extracurriculars, I have been a part of 7 amazing organizations with the addition of holding a job and having other hobbies. My greatest accomplishments were gained after I started expressing my love for school and helping the community. I would one hundred percent recommend taking advantage of everything FCHS and the world has to offer. It has been a rewarding experience.

To sum it all up in a nutshell, think about getting involved in a club, a sport, or even taking a hobby further. Continue reaching for good grades, but remember that doing well outside of the classroom is just as vital. No matter what goals, ambitions, or aspirations you have as a student, know that there are always opportunities awaiting you to add to your list.

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