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Tips For Acing Virtual Learning

April 20, 2021

As a virtual student, who shares a cellular router for internet with a brother, sister, and a parent, I have definitely learned a thing or two this year about how to ace the challenge of virtual learning. Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.

Communication is key
The first thing you need to tackle in a world of online learning is communication. Be sure to talk to your teachers regularly, either in class or through email. Tell them if your internet is not the best, so that way they are aware. Try to schedule a meeting with your teachers at least once a week, just you and your teacher, so you can get help, and they can give you advice on work. Contacting your teacher is also the best way to get some help if you are struggling or falling behind. Most teachers are more than happy to help you and work with you if you just stay in touch with them.

Don’t let internet troubles get you down
The second tip I have is to try not to get too upset if your internet crashes and you get kicked off. Irritating as that may be, it is not your fault. I often get kicked out of class, or my internet freezes and I can’t hear what is happening in class. I actually get kicked off of classes daily. Yes, it can be stressful and very frustrating, but just take a deep breath and log back onto class if you can. If you can’t, make sure that you send your teacher a quick email to let them know what happened. They will understand. Later, after the teacher has posted the class recording, you can watch that video and catch up with what you missed.

The third tip is try to keep your workspace clean and organized, and this will help a lot And keeping you on top of oh your work and helping you meet deadlines. I am currently taking two classes where I have to take notes and write a good bit on paper, so I am using a folder for both of those classes so I can keep track of my classes better.

In addition, I find that downloading the Google Classroom app on my phone, as well as the Powerschool app, is helpful. I have both, and I look them everyday to keep track of work and my grades.

Arrange your workspace
If you are sharing a workspace, and it is noisy, try to see if your family members can quiet down when you’re trying to concentrate. Or you can always try moving to a different space. Have patience with the people you are sharing space with; if you don’t, it will make everything more difficult.

Also, even if you’re sharing one large space, try to set up separate areas to work in. I have my own desk in my basement, where only my work and school materials go, and my brother, sister, and mom each have their own desk for their work. That can help you with organization, and if noise is an issue for you, maybe try headphones. I have a pair which blocks out surrounding noises, helping me to concentrate on class and my work.

Set aside personal time from school time
I really recommend that you try to separate school time from personal time. It is easier said than done, but if you can have set “school” times, and then plan “personal” time around that, you’ll feel less like you’re doing school all the time, you’ll have fewer distractions while doing school work, and you’ll be more likely to be able to relax when you’re not doing things for school.

For example, everyday I work until about 1 pm-2 pm, and between the time I log on in the morning, and the time that I log off, I try to do all of my work, get on classes, and get help. Then after that, I have “me time” where I can get on my phone, go see my horse, hang out with my sister, and eat a snack.

Practice good time management
Another tip for acing the virtual world is to practice go time management. If you can split up your work. Get the work that needs to be done and start other assignments that may be a big deal in the future, that can help with stress. Have a calendar, and write in the due dates of projects, big assignments, and when your tests are. I have a calendar with the dates of assignments which I update regularly. I also use the “to-do” option on Google Classroom, and that is a big help. This tab is above your classes in Google Classroom, if you click on it and push this week, it can show you everything that is due that particular week.

Get fresh air
One thing that might sound silly, but it helps me, is to go outside everyday. Even if it’s for a minute, I go outside before school starts, and then I go outside multiple times throughout the day to get some fresh air and see something other than the computer screen and the wall. This helps me because I like to have fresh air and see something other than a screen, so that is why this helps me.

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